How To Adjust the Timing in an Oldsmobile Alero

Proper timing is vital for any vehicle to perform properly and maintain the highest fuel economy.  It is more important now with gasoline prices going up.  There is no time like the present to begin learning how to maintain your vehicle to ensure the best mileage.

Special equipment is necessary to adjust the timing in any vehicle and the Alero is no different.  It is also important that you know it will take a while to set the timing in your Oldsmobile Alero.  If you are up to the feat yourself, then following the directions provided will help you to obtain proper timing for your Oldsmobile.

The first thing you should do is to contact GM and check the vehicle's history and any current updates that they have regarding your car.  Software update versions can only be obtained from GM and they require a subscription.  If you already have the updates then you can go forward.

You will need a computer to set the timing on your Oldsmobile. The computer is to run the GM calibration software.  You also need a Tech 2 scan tool with cable pass-through device.  When all the correct gear is in hand the steps you will need to perform proper timing settings for your Oldsmobile follow.

Verify that the battery is fully charged.  Make sure that all your accessories are shut off.  That means turn off the a/c and the radio as well as your lights and any other non-essential battery draining devices.  Get your Tech 2 scanner and the pass-through cable.  Hook the cable to the scanner and the PC.  Turn your ignition key on, but do not engage the engine.  Start the timing software on your computer and fill in the answers that correlate with your automobile.  After the software has all the correct settings it is time to connect the diagnostic connector with the Tech scanner.  Look under the steering wheel to find the location of the connector.  Questions will appear on the computer screen and you should answer them at this time.

Select "Normal Programming."  You should highlight the recalibration version you need to install.  Start the data transfer and make sure the progress bar is active.  The data will be completed when you see "Programming Complete" on your computer.  The transfer of data files can take up to thirty minutes to finish.

Once the data has completed the transfer turn your ignition key to the "off" position and disconnect the Tech 2 scan tool from the diagnostic connector under the steering wheel.  As it looks time consumption is the hardest part once you have all the tools and software’s that you need.  Your Oldsmobile Alero is now in perfect timing and should give you the optimal in performance and fuel efficiency.


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