How To Avoid Car Sales Scams

There are numerous scams different kinds of scammers will try to pull in terms of buying and selling cars.  Often, the victims are those who are uninformed and non-vigilant.  A simple preparation is all that is needed before signing the contract to save one from a possible scam.  Just a quick research in as little as five minutes is all it takes to keep the money away from the scammer.

Still the best way to acquire an automobile is to get it directly from a seller and not a dealer.  Car dealers are still salesmen.  Whichever way you look at the matter, it will still boil down to who gets the deal.  A direct car seller will be the more honest salesman in this game.  He will be the one to know the car better because he personally owned it.  If there would be flaws, most likely, he will still be honest about it and just give you a better deal for it instead.  Car dealers work hard to sell a car for a commission.  These people do not really care about the previous owner and the future of the car they are selling.  What they are really concerned about is to sell the car as soon as possible, get their commission and move on to the next car that they should sell.

Getting a car from a direct seller, however, will give you more legwork than buying from a car dealer.  Car dealers know more about administrative work like car registration and insurance procedures.  Almost certainly, they will gladly do the legwork for you.  A direct seller sells a car as is, where is.  Most likely, you need to do the registration procedures yourself.

This being the reality, awareness is the key to prevent you from being scammed by car dealers.  First, know your finances and stick to how much you know you can pay for the car.  No matter how many promises car dealers give you, the knowledge of your finances can keep your feet on the ground.

Second, do not do the buying alone.  It would be best if you can go check the car with a mechanic friend or someone who knows a car better than you do to exchange opinions with.

Third, don't forget to test drive.  A car's shiny buffed exterior may just be hiding some nasty secrets in the machine.  You will be able to discover this only during the actual ride.

Fourth, make the rounds.  Try to do a little window shopping first before deciding on what car to buy.  This way, you can get the best deal and even compare the perks that each salesman promises you.

Lastly, trust your instincts.  If it does not sound good it would not hurt if you walk away.  Some deals are just too good to be true.

By this time, you are probably thinking that every car dealer is a scammer which is good.  You can never be too vigilant when spending your hard-earned cash.


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