How To Avoid Long DMV Wait Times to Renew Your License Sticker

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One of the worst experiences in life, going to the DMV to deal with their wait times. DMV wait times can be some of the worst, as it all comes down to the number of people that need to use that service as well as the number of people that renewing that month.

Here is everything you need to know about skipping the wait times at the DMV.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the most crucial part of skipping wait times at the DMV. Most DMV services now how the ability to book appointments for service either through an online form or by calling them.

Also, be sure to plan on a day where you aren't busy. If you think you can squeeze it in before important events, the world can have a funny way of working against you.

Renew During Low Birth Months

Surprisingly, most people are born between July and October, with September taking the number one spot in births. This means that when it's time to renew your license sticker during these months, you should go ahead of time.

By going and renewing during times where birth months are low, you're less likely to deal with people that are also renewing at the same time as you. While you can't rely solely on statistics, it is a good indicator of busy and slow times.

Utilize Online Services If Possible

There is also the possibility of renewing your license sticker online. In times where people are staying home more, the less likely a DMV is going to want people coming in for simple requests.

Check your county and state laws to see if you can request a renewal online, rather than in person. Do note, if this is a replacement rather than renewal, you'll have to go in.

Click this link if you need to renew your license plate sticker.

Track the Wait Times On Google

Google is able to take the smartphones that are in one area to account for how busy a place is. By simply going to Google, typing in the name of your DMV, it can tell you if it is busy or not based on the number of smartphones that are there.

It also is a handy tool to plan ahead, as Google will take the average busyness and compare it to what the current busyness is. Depending on how far away you are, this can make it easy to go at a moment's notice.

Don't Get Caught Up At the DMV

Wait times at the DMV can be brutal. But by planning ahead, you're ensuring that your license sticker renewal will go as easy and smoothly as possible. Just be sure to get it renewed before it expires.

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