How To Beat Camera Traffic Light Tickets

Traffic camera and lights

Red light cameras are spreading in many parts of the world. According to many local governments, these cameras are installed to ensure the safety of the motorists. A lot of motorists wonder if they are really for safety or for profit.

Ever since these camera traffic lights have been installed, some motorists have experienced getting a picture of their automobile with a fine in the mail. Because of this, many people have concluded that these cameras are purely for the purpose of earning money. In fact, several studies actually show a rise in accidents in places where camera tickets are installed. 

It is also claimed that the companies that make and service the camera tickets obtain a percentage of the heavy fines paid by the poor motorists. Logically speaking, if the goal is to lessen the occurrences of accidents, there is no use to get so many fines from the motorists. Apparently, if the motorists are anxious about being charged for undeserved fines while they drive, accidents are more likely to occur. Therefore, it can be said that these camera tickets are a real scam.

Good thing, there is something you can do to beat these traffic camera tickets. Note their defects. This way, you can spare yourself from paying an undeserved fine. Some of these defects are enumerated below:

  1. Take note of the fake tickets sent by the police. You can say that the ticket is fake if it does not have the court address or it notes not to contact the court.
  2. The photo is not yours. If the photo is not yours then you cannot be forced to pay the fine. 
  3. Someone else pointed at you after receiving the original ticket. In this case, someone else got the ticket first and then pointed at you after claiming that it was not him. This cannot be taken against you in a court of law if they will not send a subpoena to the person who pointed at you. This will require him time and money and he will not surely spend these on a traffic ticket.
  4. Yellow light is too short. If you noted that the yellow light is too short, then the ticket is no good. You can verify this in the local traffic laws.
  5. Absence of photo enforcement warning signs. Some states require signs indicating that a specific intersection is enforced by cameras. Take note that the signs must be noticeable from all directions of the intersections. 
  6. Tickets are mailed late. Some states observe a particular time frame for the police to mail a valid camera ticket along with a court date. If the time frame is not met, then you have the right to bring it up in court.

Take note that not all of these can be applied to all states. Hence, make sure to consult a legal professional or check your local laws before you use these defects as your defense.


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