How To Break Lug Nuts Free

If you have visited a car shop for the installation of a new tire, you will certainly have a problem with stripped lug nuts. This is the result of the car repair shop’s use of powerful guns to hammer your tire. On the other hand, you will not know about this until the time that you have to change a flat tire yourself. You will find out that you have loosened lug nuts. Worse scenarios will be lug nuts that do not tighten and have the tendency to break.

If this happens to you, stay calm. You can always break the lug nuts free without spending much money. With the use of some tools and some procedures, you will make it. Here is the procedure for breaking lug nuts free:

  1. Prepare the necessary tools. You need a large hammer, safety glasses, a big center drift and a vise grip. Penetrating oil and bench vise are also required. Make sure that you have complete tools on hand before starting to follow the preceding steps. This will save your time of going to and fro and looking for the tools. 
  2. Determine the location of the pressed lug nuts. Most of the time, lug studs are compressed into the axles, hub, or brake rotor or brake drum. This case is relatively easy. You just need to remove the tire and the brake drum while hammering the previous studs. You may now hammer the new lug nuts. If you have an older car model, expect for screwed lug studs. Sometimes, older models require a different method of lug nut removal.
  3. Use an ample amount of heat. If the problem roots from weather changes and some corrosive materials, it will result to frozen lug studs. To soften these studs and to break the lug nuts, use an ample amount of warmth. Be careful in heating. Do not provide so much heat to the material because it will cause distortion. Use a bench vise to make the lug nut’s removal as well as the installation easier.
  4. Use oil after heating. Remove all bearings, grease, and seals before heating, as you might damage them while heating. Keep in mind that grease may attract fire since it is a kind of fuel merchandise. Heat the metal surrounding the studs until the lug nuts are easy to remove. Spray some oil and leave it for a few minutes. Use a hammer to eliminate each stud.
  5. Let the metal cool. Prevent skin burning incidents. Before doing the installation, make sure that all metals are back in their normal temperature. This will also ensure that the installation of all studs will be easier. Use a center drift for the installation and some oil to make the reinstallation of lug nuts easier.

These are simple steps to break the lug nuts free. These steps may be easy but they do require caution, for it may cause injury to you and/or to your car. You can always perform these procedures in your garage. Just do not forget to wear your safety glasses and remember the above listed tips.


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