How To Bring Back a Dead Battery

If your car does not want to start, chances are you have left your headlights on and drained the battery. This is one of the most common car problems that one can encounter. If you have drained your battery, you do not have to buy a new battery as a solution to your problem. Purchasing a new battery is very expensive. There is a way to bring back your dead battery by just using some car tools and items that you can find in the house.

Here are the steps on how you can bring back a dead car battery:

  1. Materials. The materials that you will need for bringing your dead battery back to life are a battery charger, pliers, wrench, jumper cables, wire brush, baking soda and water. You will also need another car that has a running battery.
  2. Preparation. Bring the car that has a good battery beside your car. Run the engine of this car. Open the hood of your car and get the jumper cables. Get the red clamp and use it to connect to the positive terminal of the battery. The black clamp must then be connected to the negative terminal.  The other end of the jumper cable also has these two clamps. Connect the two clamps on the dead battery just like you did earlier.
  3. Charging the dead battery. Now that the jumper cables are connected, wait for a while as the dead battery starts to charge. You must allow a few minutes for this. After a few minutes, try to start the car with the dead battery. If the car starts, you can already remove the jumper cables from the battery but leave the car running.
  4. Adding the baking soda. Once you have removed the jumper cables, you can use the wire brush and clean the terminals and holes on the battery. Now, get a few teaspoons of the baking soda and dissolve it in a cup of water. Put this solution inside the battery and put back the battery cables where they belong.
  5. Using a charger. You can charge your car battery by using a 12-volt battery charger. Use the clamps and connect them just how you connected them earlier. Let the car battery charge for a few minutes so that you can run your car.

These are the steps on how you can bring back a dead car battery’s life. It is important that you know these steps so that you know what to do during emergency situations. When you know what you will do, you won’t have to ask any help from an auto company or you won’t have to buy a new car battery.

If you are on the road a lot, it is important that you know some of the emergency procedures that you may need when you are faced with a car problem. Some of the other common problems you may encounter are a flat tire or an overheating car. Learn what you have to do when you experience these problems.


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