How To Build Truck Bed Storage Boxes

Truck bed storage boxes

Do you own a truck, or are you driving one? Do you load it with tools or other stuff? If so, then you are exposing not yourself, but other people to danger. These tools or the stuff you load in your truck may soar in the air and plunge into vehicles behind you. Or worse, it may directly hit people at the side of the street. To prevent this accident, use storage boxes to house your tools or stuff that you load in your truck. Basically any kind of boxes would do, whether plastic storage containers or storage bins, as long as it could house the items in your truck. These kinds of boxes can be found anywhere around the house. If you do not have any boxes around, you can create one through the following steps:

  1. Purchase plywood or look for a reusable one. Look for plywood that may be used to create a box. If you can’t see one, or if you have found something but it is insufficient to complete a storage box, consider purchasing one. The size of the wood actually depends on the size of the storage box that you wish to create.
  2. Cut the wood into four equal sizes and two shorter pieces. Next, divide this wood into four equal parts to serve as the two sides and the top and the bottom of the box. The size, again, depends on how big or how small you would like your box to be. A 2-foot by 3-foot size would be sufficient to house the basic tools that you have. Or, if you are using clear plastic boxes or storage plastic or any moving storage at home, you can use it as a pattern and follow its size. Afterwards, cut two smaller pieces of wood to serve as the other two sides of your box. The sizes of these two smaller woods depend on the size of the first four you cut. But if you were following the 2-foot by 3-foot size of the first four woods, the sizes of the smaller two would be 1-foot and 10 inches by 2-foot.
  3. Put it together. Once you have all the 6 sides cleanly cut, you can start putting them together and form the box. Nailing them all to one another would be enough. Just be sure to nail it cleanly and strongly to prevent disintegration.
  4. Cover. Now that the box is assembled, put hinges on the last piece of wood that would serve as the cover of the box storage. Then ask somebody to hold it in an open position while you nailing to your box.
  5. Finishing touch. Lastly, apply the finishing touch by painting it your choice of color, or give it an artistic touch by applying canvas. Now your outdoor box storage is ready for use. Mount it in your truck and load it with your tools, canvas other stuff.

Doing your own storage boxes for your truck bed may cost you some time and effort. But when you consider the safety it brings, time and effort do not seem to be much of an issue.


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