How To Buy a Car at the Price You Want without Haggling

One of the reasons why plenty of people are afraid of visiting the car dealership is because they cannot haggle for a price that they are willing to pay. The car dealer, however, is not someone that you should fear. Here are steps to buying a new car with the price that you want, without haggling.

  • Do some research. First of all, determine the actual price of the car that you are planning on buying. The price that car dealers put in their display windows is not the actual price of the car, since these prices have usually already been inflated to factor in the earnings for the car dealership as well as commission for the car salesman. You should exactly what the car is worth, so that you will know what exactly you should be paying for.
  • Consider trading your car. A lot of people trade in their cars when the car model is already getting old or when the car is already out of fashion. If you want a new car but you already have an older car, you should consider trading in your old car. Remember, however, that you should have an accurate estimate on what your old car’s current price value is. When you know exactly how much your car is worth, you will know how much should be deducted from the new car when you decide to trade in your older car. There are some professionals who provide certificates on the net worth of the car, with age and wear and tear already factored in.
  • Check out the car. Next, visit the local car dealership and check out the car itself. At this point, you should already know the basics about the car, such as its basic features. But, there are some things that you will only know once you have already taken the car out for a test drive. Consider the over-all feel of the car, how comfortable it is, how maneuverable it is, and how the various features and components of the car actually work.
  • Determining your base price. Once you have already taken the car out for a test drive, you need to determine the price for which you will take the car itself. This price is usually computed as the actual value of the car minus the value of the car that you are trading in. for instance, f a car is worth $ 15,000 and your older car is worth $ 7,000, then the base price that you should be paying for is $ 8,000.
  • Firm up. With the base price in mind, make sure that you do not leave the car dealership while paying for a greater price. The base price is all that the car dealership needs, and everything else that you pay for above the base price will only go to the car dealership’s excess profits, or to the commission for the car dealer.

If the car dealer does not want to sell the car for the price that you want, do not hesitate to leave the shop. Remember, there are other car models and there are other car dealers that you can conduct business with.


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