How To Buy a Demolition Derby Car

Though demolition derby originated in the United States, it is now practiced in other parts of the world and is even considered as major sports event in some nations. This sport is fierce and dangerous but few casualties have been reported so far. The objective of this sport is for drivers to intentionally bump into each other’s car. With this act, many of the cars get destroyed and it is the last car standing and functioning that is declared winner. Because of the sure damage that a demolition derby car will suffer at the end of the competition, enthusiasts of this sport are wise not to enter brand new cars in the competition.

If you are a demolition derby fan and you want to buy your own demolition derby car, here are some tips for your guidance:

  1. Pick a car with more weight. Light cars are not qualified to enter in demolition derby races, as they will not stand in the contest long due to the ruggedness of the sport. Old heavy cars are ideal for demolition derbies. However be sure to find one that can still run fast and swift. Don’t mind the dents and rusts on the body because they are not important. What matters is the running capacity of the motor vehicle.
  2. You may opt to restore an old demolition derby car. But take into consideration the expenses it will entail in restoring the unit. Ask an auto mechanic to assess how much you will be spending if the car will be repaired and put back to running performance.
  3. Try to sit inside the car and see if you will be at ease with it. Though cars are inanimate objects, it is believed there are certain cars that give their future owners a feeling of warmth and calmness. While sitting inside the car, touch its gear, push your feet on the gas and brakes to sort of ‘test drive’ the vehicle just to see your level of comfort with said car.
  4. Don’t fret if the car you wish to buy has no windows and the glass covers of the lights are broken. Demolition derby sports don’t allow glass fixtures in the cars that enter the race for the protection of the driver.
  5. Try to get a good bargain by pointing out other obvious defects such as a part in the ceiling that is coming off, damaged upholstery or broken seats that you no longer need for your car. Make sure these are discounted from the cash value of the car you are buying.
  6. Inspect the tires and make sure they still have good traction and that their spikes are still intact. If the tires are no longer fit for the sport, have the dealer deduct the value of the tires from the price of the car.
  7. When at last you have purchased a demolition derby car, secure your safety by changing the color of the door on the driver’s side with white or any light colored paint. Next, paint your number on the door with black or red paint or any contrasting color that is easily noticed even from afar.

Demolition derby is a tough and dangerous sport. Therefore you must make sure you are well protected. Make sure the car you will use has a powerful engine and well-spiked tires so you can give an excellent performance during the competition.


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