How To Buy Air Conditioning Service Equipment

Automotive air conditioning today is standard across all car models. And air conditioning service and maintenance is now an essential service offering and fundamental to any auto mechanic’s business success. 

The growing awareness on ozone layer depletion and global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions and other oxygen-depleting pollutants has led several US states to adopt the Clean Cars Act. Maryland, home to 6 Fortune 500 manufacturing giants like Lockheed Martin and Black & Decker, adopted the stricter version of the act from California in 2007 and implemented a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.1 million metric tons when Maryland joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative alongside their other programs to maintain their standing as one of the “greenest” states. 

An indispensable machine auto mechanics use to recover the refrigerant from a car’s air conditioning system is the automotive air conditioning machine. It effectively prevents the release of CFC gases during the servicing process. EPA guidelines require that Freon (CFC12), a coolant should be collected and recycled to prevent it from being released into the air. This type of machine can remove other pollutants like water, oil and other liquids in automobiles, making the Freon reusable.

There are several commercial auto air conditioning service models in the market from different manufacturers, either for personal DIY use or for business; semi-automatic to fully automatic; from the lower priced ones to the more expensive high-end brands. The most important consideration should be the machine’s capability to service a wide variety of vehicles, ease of connection with different vehicle types, and the highest capacity to recover and treat refrigerant in the car’s air conditioning system and rid it of impurities before recycling.

Choosing which air conditioning service equipment to invest on becomes a daunting task, considering all the conditions above. Below is a general guide to help you make the right decision on choosing the equipment suited to your need.

1.    Find out the available air conditioning service equipment available and the supplies that you need – either for personal or business use. You can visit dealers personally to get product brochures or search the web. These sites have valuable information on some of the top sellers:

2.    Know the different functions and capacity of each air conditioning service units based on your preliminary research.

3.    Check the equipment’s conformity to SAE standards for mobile air conditioning system, specifically Title 40, Protection of Environment. For more information, visit

4.    Compare features and prices.

5.    Consumer ratings and product reviews are also helpful information to aid you in your purchase

6.    Learn more about preventive maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment here

7.    Check certification requirements for mechanics who will use the product

8.    Check product warranties, availability of spare parts, service center locations, and dealer/manufacturer technical training and assistance as well as shipping and handling costs

Newer cars are required to display an Environmental Performance (EP) label consisting of a SMOG SCORE and a GLOBAL WARMING SCORE. The higher the score means that the vehicle is more environmentally-friendly. And with the car manufacturer’s recommendation of having the air conditioning system of any car be checked and tested every 2 years, investing in the right air conditioning service equipment will keep your service business in good, “green” shape too.


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