How To Buy Car Replacement Parts

These days everyone is feeling the recession.  Many are opting to keep their cars a little bit longer instead of replacing them with newer models.  Keeping cars for longer means undoubtedly that one may encounter minor problems with items such as car belt, radiator, exterior front and back, etc.  At some point, something will need to be replaced.  Here are ways to replace car parts and car problems that won't break the bank:

  1. Do some local research.  Once you are sure what part needs to be replaced or repaired, do NOT simply go to the dealer and pay top dollar for the part.  Just because they charge $50 for a radiator part, doesn't mean that it is a fair going rate.  Check with neighborhood repair shops and see what they charge.  Your local yellow pages will also yield plenty of junkyards that deal with hard to find replacement parts, car diagrams and manuals on a daily basis.
  2. Check out the Internet.  While you may find a great deal, after doing some minimal research, imagine what a few more minutes can do to get that car into tip top shape. There are many reputable car parts websites that sell new and used replacement parts.  For example:  auto parts, the parts,  jc  Don't forget some of the bigger names also like Strauss, Auto Zone, Sears.  Most websites have a sale or clearance section, and with a little luck, the car part you need to solve your problem just may be on discount.
  3. Post your own ad.  There are many free websites out there that can connect you to local people in your area who may have just what you need to repair your car.  Place an ad in the wanted section of websites such as Craigslist and list your car part - whether it be something as simple as a car belt, radiator part, diagram, or manual, or something as complex as a front end for your vehicle, these types of websites can put you in touch with people who may have just what you need.
  4. Check with friends and family.  The Internet is a great tool to send one message to the masses.   Type up a quick email with a subject line that reads: CAR PARTS NEEDED and then send it to everyone you know.  Most people like to help and would love to see your car back "in gear" - no pun intended!

So get out there, and don't be afraid to ask for help.  Your car engine, radiator, belt, fan, air condition, tires, etc. will thank you.


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