How To Buy Colorado Auto Insurance

If you plan on driving a vehicle in Colorado, you're going to need to buy auto insurance. Here are some tips to help you choose the right coverage for your vehicle.

Step 1

Start by shopping around. Don't buy the first auto insurance policy that sounds good to you. It's important to shop around for Colorado auto insurance. Look for reasonable premiums and great liability coverage. If you don't have a favorite auto insurance company, ask your family and friends which companies they would recommend. You could also look in your local phonebook for Colorado insurance companies that will insure your car. Also, you could search for auto insurance in Colorado on any of these websites:

Whether you purchase your auto insurance policy online or over the phone, you can expect to pay just less than $800 per year for coverage.

Step 2

Know the minimum coverage requirements. As you determine which auto insurance policy you're going to buy in Colorado, it's a good idea to consider the minimum state requirements for liability coverage. The state of Colorado requires that you carry a minimum of $25,000 for single injury, $50,000 for all injuries, and $15,000 for property damage caused by an accident.

It's not mandatory for Colorado drivers to carry uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage. However, it still is a good idea. Your insurance company will offer these features to you in addition to your auto insurance policy coverage, and it's up to you whether or not you decide to pay for the additional premiums. If you opt not to purchase this additional coverage, just know that you will be on the hook for any fees resulting from an at-fault accident that is beyond what your policy covers.

Step 3

Determine if you will insure everyone in your household. In Colorado, you do not need to buy auto insurance for all drivers in a house. In fact, it's quite common to exclude certain drivers from an auto insurance policy (as long as this is explicitly stated in the policy). Just remember that any excluded drivers won't be covered after an accident. Read up on the policy driver restrictions before you allow excluded drivers to get behind the wheel.

Step 4

Know the fine details. Buying auto insurance coverage in Colorado requires that you know a few important facts. First of all, insurance companies are permitted, under the law, to do a credit check on you before they offer you auto insurance coverage in Colorado. This is to ensure that you have a good credit history and are able to pay your premiums each month.

Understand that Colorado is a Tort state. This means that if you are an at-fault driver in Colorado, you will be required to pay the victim's expenses (including medical, vehicle, loss of wages, pain, and suffering). Because these fees can often reach exorbitant numbers, it is recommended that you opt for higher liability coverage to cover for these possibilities when you buy auto insurance in Colorado.


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