How To Buy Connecticut Auto Insurance

If you're a driver in the state of Connecticut, it's mandated by law that you carry minimum liability insurance on your vehicle. This guide will help you to choose the best insurance coverage for your car.

Step 1

Look for a fair price. Auto insurance policies come with different premiums and coverage. Any Connecticut auto insurance company can offer you a multitude of different auto insurance rates, depending on your driving history and your preference for liability coverage. So it is necessary to shop around to see what prices you can expect to pay for car insurance. If you don't have a preferred auto insurance company, go through your phone book and get quotes from local insurance companies. Your family and friends can probably recommend some great insurance providers too. You might also want to start your auto insurance out online by checking out some of these auto insurance websites:

A basic auto insurance policy in Connecticut will cost you around $1000 per year.

Step 2

Understand the state requirements. Under state law in Connecticut, every driver is required to carry the following minimum liability coverage: $20,000 for single bodily injury, $40,000 for all bodily injuries, and $10,000 property damage coverage.

As well, uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage is required at a combined rate of $20,000 - 40,000 for bodily injury. Uninsured motorists bodily injury must be equal to the rate of the single bodily injury limit. And you can purchase more coverage if you like, up to double the single bodily injury liability limit.

Step 3

Not all drivers need to be listed on your auto insurance policy. In Connecticut, state law does not require you to list every driver in your household on your car insurance policy. However, most insurance companies will still ask this of you. This is because anyone not specifically listed on a household insurance policy can technically be denied insurance coverage in the event of a claim after an accident. It's risky to exclude people from your auto insurance policy in Connecticut since you may end up paying for collision expenses out of pocket.

Step 4

Read up on the details. When you attempt to buy auto insurance coverage in Connecticut, you should know a few other things. Any insurance company that considers insuring you is permitted to use your personal credit history to judge your insurance eligibility (since they want to know that you will be able to pay your premiums). Auto insurance companies might also look at your past driving record, your age, your neighborhood and your vehicle to determine what your insurance premium will be. That's why it's important to have a good driving record and good credit history to make the purchase of auto insurance in Connecticut a smooth one.

Also, Connecticut is a tort state. That means that if you're an at-fault driver, you are required to pay all of the expenses the victim incurs as a result of the accident. This includes medical bills, auto repair, pain, suffering, and loss of wages. As such, it's a good idea to get additional liability coverage so that your auto insurance policy will cover any expenses that result from an at-fault accident in Connecticut.


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