How To Buy Dirt Cheap Used Cars for Sale

Buying a car is a dream for most people, but when you have to face the reality of paying it off with your current budget, you might find out that you need to settle for a used second hand car in the meantime. When buying dirt cheap used cars, it is best not to rush your purchase, instead, take the time to look around, compare prices and car specifications, and plan how you will pay it off.

The first step in buying a used car is to find out what type of car you want – list down the make and model of your preferred car. If you are still trying to look for a specific model to buy, browse the Internet for websites that feature used cars for sale. In doing so, you can also get an idea on how much these are being sold. However, do not purchase or commit to purchasing online. It is best to contact the seller and ask for details. You can also check out the newspaper or other published ads that feature cars for sale.

Another option is to go to used car auctions. You may find cars that are not as old or rusty but are priced reasonably. This is because the cars sold in auctions are the ones that are taken by the police when the owners are law offenders and are imprisoned, or are not able to pay off the amortization and have to let their cars go. Others get loans and when they fail to pay, the first items that the debt collector takes include cars and furniture. These cars are auctioned not to make profit, but to convert the “junk” to cash, since the government and debt collectors will not have any benefit in holding used cars in garages. When participating in auctions, make sure you are ready with your cash, as auctions usually sell on a cash basis only. But you should not rush into bidding for a car that you just saw on the spot. It is best to get to know who organizes the auctions, and if they allow it, visit their garage days or weeks earlier and inspect the cars that they have. It is best to bring along a reliable mechanic who can assess the cars for you, if you are not an expert in cars. Make an assessment of the cost versus the current condition of the car. Make an estimate of the cost of repairing the car versus buying another one that is in a better condition.

If you are interested in buying dirt cheap used cars with the goal of restoring it into its original, classic condition, then you can start in junk shops, and also participate in auctions. The older the model and the more beat up it is, the cheaper it will be. Once restored, it will sell in a way higher price than the ones available in the market today.

When looking up cars for sale in the net or in newspapers, take note of where the car is being held. You might be able to find a car that you like and is within your budget, but transporting it to your home might be costly. 


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