How To Buy Hybrid Car Replacement Batteries

That wonderful hybrid car you bought may be excellent on gas and general cost maintenance, but there is one thing you can't avoid in the expense department: the dreaded battery replacement.  Hybrid batteries that are bought brand new can be upward of three thousand dollars in United States currency. Logistically it is rare to have to replace them considering the usual eight year minimum warranty on them. However, if you have to purchase a new one here are a few key steps:

  1. The first step is to determine if the battery is still under warranty. If it is then utilize that to solve your problem and save a large sum of money. Obvious items of note about this step are that you need to keep your warranty information readily available and that you have not been tampering with the battery itself. If your battery goes dead, or malfunctions otherwise, then do not attempt self repair of it. Get a mechanic that works on hybrids to verify it. Then send in for your replacement.
  2. The second step is to find out if your warranty is dead. Then you must decide whether you want to be economical and take a risk or if you are willing to shell out top dollar for a new replacement with an equally new warranty. The simplest method is to buy the new one from your hybrid dealership if available. A costly endeavor to be certain. A more difficult task is tracking down a good used battery that might work for you. Local junkyards and used car dealerships may have something to use. Even a local auto-auction is a cheaper alternative as you might find a hybrid vehicle for less than the price of a new battery and cannibalize it for parts.
  3. The third step, if you can't afford a new battery, is to attempt to find yourself a reasonable used battery in your neighboring areas via the Internet. There are many sites dedicated to helping people find items they want. The most obvious ones to name are EBay, Craigslist, and These sites provide a list of pretty much anything an individual could possibly need to repair their vehicle.
  4. If all else fails you can list yourself cheaply in a few local papers and magazines. For those living in the United States bargain trader magazines, like the ones you find in many convenience stores, allow a section for people looking for spare parts and equipment. 


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