How To Buy Products from Part Source in Canada

When talking about auto parts in Canada, there is one name that tends to be the noisiest. It is Part Source. Almost all auto needs can be met here, from professional needs to the simple repair of car owners. Since the company is catering to every need, their primary goal is to service every client at ease. With this, there are various ways of how to make a purchase of any of their offered products. Check these following options.

Part Source Retail Centers

Part Source retail shops are located in some of Canada's provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. You can visit any of their 50 stores located in these provinces, where truck and car parts are in store for you. Any purchase in these shops is made with similar transactions as that of other regular shops. You can check for a branch in your local area. Or, you can use the company's Web site for the online locator that allows you to check the nearest Part Source store in your area.

Part Source Web Site
Like any other advancing auto parts retailer, Parts Source also offers the convenience of online shopping. Since there is a wide selection of parts, the online shop gives every client the convenience to search for their needed equipment. For example, the client is given the prerogative to indicate the model of his car or truck and the particular part model he needs. Once a category is selected, there is an application that checks their real-time stocks to make sure that the product is available before one makes an order.

Commercial Purchase

If you have a business dealing with car and truck parts, Part Source makes everything convenient for you. Whether you have a valve source or skin source business, you only need to do the first step, which is giving them a call, and everything will fall into place such as:

  • Professional representatives will guide you in choosing the right business deal for you.
  • You can get special prices through discounts and monthly deals.
  • You will have peace of mind over any defective parts as all products come in a one-year warranty.
  • All delivery involved is free of charge, not to mention that delivery is available all day and all night every day.
  • You can take advantage of their programs such as trainings and loyalty programs that will suit your business' needs.

Whatever way you purchase a product from Part Source, one thing is certain. Any client can get valuable discounts from them. Every customer who really wishes to save looks for these deals every month including:

  • Hot Deals - There are a lot of savings from their Hot Deals list every month. Usually, these deals are being promoted through their monthly flyers that can be picked up in any of the local stores or downloaded from their Web site.
  • 10 Percent Price Match Guarantee - One good thing about Part Source is they have the capability to match the prices of their local competitors. For example, if a client sees a product that is cheaper in other stores, they can match the price for your purchase with an additional 10 percent discount.

Indeed, any shopping experience in Part Source is eyed to be of convenience not only in the part of the store but most importantly, the customers. So if you need any part in relation to cars or trucks, Part Source will never run out of options for you.


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