How To Buy Used Cars Online

In this article, we will go through several, easy, and mostly free ways to buy a used car using the great tool we call: The Internet.

None of it is hard, but it is wise to check out some reviews of any car you may be thinking about buying, and that only takes a bit of your time.

Step 1

This is ultimately the easiest step in this How-to. Get out your laptop, move to your desk top, or skidaddle over to your local library. Once you have done that, type your favorite search engine into the address bar.


This search engine will be the life blood of your desire to find that perfect used or pre-owned car.

Check it out. Here is a list of the topics we will hit on to help you buy your next ride:

  • Online Classifieds Ads
  • Newspaper Ads (
  • Cars in Your Neighborhood
  • Your Local Grocery Store Bulletin Boards
  • Ask Around

All of these can be run into your life blood machine, your search engine. Except maybe 'ask around', that one might only lead you back to this article...

Step 2

Online Classifieds: They have become all the rage and fashion in today's 'No time for anything' world. They work in the same way your local newspaper would, except they are not on paper. What's even nice about these e-classifieds, is that most of them are free. You don't even have to be a member to use most of their services. Awesome!

Check out some of these online classifieds:,,,,,

Ok, that last one was a joke. Hope you got it.

Newspaper Ads: Oldies are goodies, ya know. Go down to the super market, or your local convenience store. Grab yourself a paper. They're cheap and easy, and you don't have to cuddle with them in the morning.

Cars In Your Neighborhood: This is a fun one. When's the last time you went for a walk? No, I'm not telling you to take a hike. But I am suggesting you walk, run or drive around your neighborhood. There are Used Cars for sale nearly everywhere, you just have to look. That old vintage classic could be in someone's bushes down the street. That mint condition Mercedes could have just gone up for sale two block down. The thing is, you just don't know. What could it hurt to go for a walk and do some looking around? Right?

Your Local Grocery Store Bulletin Boards: This can be done while you're out on your walk. It can even be done when you're breezing through the store getting that last minute dinner item. Most grocery stores have them, even some of your local convenience stores might have one. Ask the cashier, they'll point you the right way.

Ask Around: Don't be shy, ask around. Ask your friend while you're gabbing on the phone. Mention it to your Mom when talking to her. Ask the clerk at the store if they've heard of anyone selling a car. They usually have. Ask everyone! It never hurts, the worst thing you might hear is "no".

Step 3

As I said before, your life blood is your search engine. If all else fails, you can always type Buy A Used Car into it and see what pops up. A lot of those ads are worthy of looking at, but only if you're looking for warranties, and 15,xxx dollar cars.

In this final step, you have decided which form of finding your used car to use. I would suggest you look into some reviews before you hand over any money. Check out for some great car reviews from everyday people, mechanics and more. You can also type Car Reviews into your search engine.

Helpful Hint* Type Private Party Prenuptial into your search engine and protect yourself when you go to buy!

After that, the only thing that is left is to pay for it. If you found one online that is in your local area, you've got a sweet deal.

If you've found one that needs to be shipped, or is being sold by a dealership, good luck!

I suggest in either situation to have both a bank debit card and a Paypal account, they both come in very handy for quick transactions.

Happy Shopping!

Buying a Used Car Online does not have to be overly complicated. Take it easy and be patient. That true fit will find you.

Hope you found this How-To helpful!

The Magick Green Fairy....

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