How To Care for a Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicles can be quite a challenge to maintain. They are usually used for extended hours and can be operated by just about anyone from within the company. All this abuse can definitely translate to a lot of damage and mess done to the vehicle and with lack of a system; it would be hard to pin down who is responsible for what. To make it easier to care for a commercial vehicle, it’s best to employ a system that would force everyone to follow a set of rules and guidelines that would improve the state of the vehicle.

Here’s how you care for a commercial vehicle:

  1. Have someone responsible for the vehicle. This is perhaps the single most obvious idea to solve the problem. Instead of having to depend on the initiative and altruism of others which jadedness aside isn’t the most dependable thing; it would be good if you can assign one of your existing employees or hire a new guy to take care of the car.
  2. Institute rules regarding keeping the car clean. You may tell your employees that eating and drinking is not allowed inside the car. This would absolutely reduce the amount of trash within the interiors.
  3. Make a checking system that forces the next person who will use the car to check the car first before he borrows it. This way, he can check if there is still trash or other damages done to the car prior to his shift or turn at the wheel. This would make finding out who has been doing what business a lot easier to track. Create a log book for this purpose so that you can see who have been taking good care of the vehicle and who would need to have a warning or a reprimand from the management.
  4. Always have the car tuned up at regular intervals. You may do this every six months or every ten thousand miles on the odometer. If your car goes through rough roads or is subjected to more abuse that usual, you may take the liberty of having it checked more frequently to make sure that everything is alright.
  5. Do the proper maintenance. Cars would need to be checked for its oil levels, water and engine performance. Devote an hour of every week to check whether all of these things are working fine. Test the brakes whenever you can to see if you would need a mechanic to check them for you or if you need new brake pads already. The tires would also have to be checked from time to time.

While a commercial vehicle may be a fairly overused car, it’s still not impossible to treat it well. With enough dedication, discipline and efficiency, it would be very easy to prolong the life span of an otherwise abused vehicle. Just tell your employees about your rules and make sure that they’re on board regarding your game plan.


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