How To Care for Leather Car Seats

Leather car seat

Nothing compares to the look and feel of real leather car seats. It is so luxurious, smooth and warm, just like human skin.  Leather car seats can be decadent but hey, you have earned it and worked hard to get it so it is but right to enjoy this bit of luxury.

Leather car seats do need special care and attention to keep them looking new and supple. Environmental heat and dust can take their toll on leather car seats. Below are some tips to keep your car seat looking like new.

  1. Leather will dry, age and crack especially in warmer climates and needs regular cleaning and conditioning to maintain its beauty. It can get contaminated with body and industrial oils, dirt and grime from air pollutants and susceptible to UV damage.
  2. Use a water-based foaming leather shampoo that is free from petroleum solvents and silicone oils. The leather cleaner should be able to penetrate the leather pores to lift up grime, dirt and soil that may have lodged in them. Solvents and some oils will dry out and harden the leather.
  3. Use a microfiber applicator pad or a leather scrub brush to agitate, not scrub over the leather. Gentle agitation will open the leather pores so dirt and body oils can be easily lifted and wiped off. Wipe the whole leather car seat dry after shampooing.
  4. Follow the cleansing with an application of a quality leather conditioner that is pH-balanced, has stain repellant properties and waterproofing agents to protect the leather surface. Proper and regular conditioning will preserve the resiliency, suppleness and softness of leather car seats. Conditioners also prevent premature aging of leather, and works just like facial moisturizers.
  5. Vacuum the leather cars seats regularly. Use one that has a plastic dust brush and a crevice brush attachments for hard to reach areas and folds. Metal attachment can scratch the leather surface. Just the same, make sure that the plastic attachments are smooth to prevent accidental scratching.
  6. Wipe the leather car seat with a damp towel in between regular shampooing to prevent dust and oil build up.
  7. Do not use baby wipes or even leather wipes to clean your leather car seats. These products contain alkaline and other chemicals that will destroy the leather’s finish and leave residues that will eventually damage the leather.
  8. Saddle soaps are not meant to be used on leather car seats which are given a different finishing treatment than saddles.
  9. Avoid placing sharp objects on your leather car seats that may scratch, nick and cut through the leather.
  10. Immediately wipe off accidental spills, whether sauces or liquid. Real leather have pores just like human skin and these spills can penetrate into the pores and stain the leather permanently.

Follow these instructions and your leather car seats will keep from drying out, fading, cracking and aging. Treat it as you would treat your skin and give it tender loving care and you can be assured that your leather car seat will look and feel like new for a long time.


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