How To Change a Ford F-150 Fuel Filter

Before you start with this do-it-yourself project, make sure to read over the instructions thoroughly and carefully. Safety is very important, and you should consider this above all. 

  • Get ready to begin. If you have just used your car, make sure to leave it for a couple of hours for the engine and everything else to completely cool down before you start working. Also, since you will be working on a fuel filter, do not smoke anywhere close to your workspace. Work at a well-ventilated area, to ensure that gasoline fumes do not get trapped and irritate you.
  • Release the fuel pressure. Start off by releasing the fuel pressure from the fuel gas line. If you don’t do this, gasoline will literally spray out everywhere. You can find this under your hood, on the passenger’s side fuel trail on the engine. You can find a Schrader valve that you can push to depressurize the lines. Make sure that you read the valve cover first before doing anything, because you might end up pushing the wrong valve. Make sure to have your car owner’s manual with you when you are going through the procedure. A little expert help will not hurt when you get confused where the parts are located. Also, make sure to wear eye protection just in case the gas sprays onto you; you might end up with damaged eyesight.
  • Use the right part. You will need a K-D 3321. It is available in auto parts stores and other specialty tool shops. You will make use of the smaller 5/16 inch end.
  • Disconnect the fuel filter. When you have located the fuel filter, look for the safety clip at the end of the fuel filter that attaches the fuel filter assembly to your fuel lines. Squeeze together the clips so that you can unhook the assembly’s small latch. When you’ve done this, you should push the fuel line a little bit away from the fuel filter so you can use the K-D 3321 to unlock the filter completely. The fuel filter locks with “teeth” within the fuel lines, and this is what you press on with the 5/16” tool in order to unlock it. Anticipate a click sound or feel that indicates that you’ve disengaged the fuel filter lock completely. When you’ve done this, fuel should start leaking out a bit. You can take the dust cap on your new fuel filter and place it on the leak to minimize the mess. Try moving the fuel line around and see in what position it should be in so you can minimize fuel leakage.
    From the inlet side of your fuel filter, repeat the process above. Doing so will completely disconnect your fuel filter from the entire unit of your engine.
  • Install the new filter. Have your new fuel filter ready. Installation is quite easy. You just have to    take your new fuel filter, insert it into the bracket that holds the filter in place and connect the fuel lines to your new fuel filter. Listen or feel again for that click sound that signals the locked connection. Do this for both sides, and when you’re done, install back the safety clips. You can opt to use OEM parts for your F-150. Chances are, they’re more reliable and durable than aftermarket accessories.


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