How To Change a Honda Motorcycle Tire

If you own a motorcycle, it is important that you know how to change the motorcycle tire. By knowing how to do this, you will be saving a lot of money as you can do the job without having to call for help from a mechanic. The steps are simple. You do not even have to have all the tire changing tools. As long as you have a spare tire and some useful tools, you can get the job done in no time.

Here are the simple steps on how you can change a Honda motorcycle tire by yourself:

Materials. The materials you need for changing your tire are tire irons, valve core tool, compressed air, bead breaker, lubrication, rim protector and a breezer tire tool. You can get these materials from the hardware store or a motorcycle shop.

Detach the old tire. First, you should detach the old tire from your motorcycle. To do this, get your valve core and use it to remove all the air out of the tire. Make sure that you hold the valve core and the tire with force as the air that will rush out of the tire will be strong. Afterwards, get the bead breaker tool and remove the bead from the rim. Do this on both sides of the tire. Use the lubricant on the tire beads.

Get your tire irons to help you remove the entire tire from the rim of the motorcycle. This may be hard. Just use some force and several tire irons to help you complete the job. It is better to have more lubricant spread on the tire beads so that you will not have to put so much effort in removing the tire.

Attach the new tire. Get the new tire and use the lubrication. Spread it evenly on the walls of the new tire so that it will be easier for you to attach. Use a tire iron to attach the new tire to the rim. When it is set, get your compressed air and use it to inflate the new tire, but not completely. Do it just enough to have some air inside the new tire. The next step is to use the breezer tire tool. Use this to install the tire bead to the rim. Now that everything is set, you can fully inflate the tire.

These are the steps that you have to follow if you are going to change the tire of your Honda motorcycle. This will surely prevent you from spending so much if ever you have a flat tire or when one of your tires need replacement. When you purchase a new wheel for your motorcycle, remember to get the one that will fit the model of your motorcycle as there are many different types of motorcycle tires that are available. If you do not know which type of tire you should get, take note of the model of your motorcycle before you go to Honda.


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