How To Change an Oil Plug

The oil plug in your car is the tool that prevents that oil from leaking out of your car. In some cases, the oil plug needs to be changed if it is damaged or if it is not doing its job of keeping the oil inside your car. In most cases, the first thing that you will do is to bring your car to the auto mechanic and have the oil plug changed for you. This can be really expensive. To save some money, you can change the oil plug on your own. The steps are fairly simple.

Follow the instructions below if you want to change the oil plug of your car:

Materials. The materials that you will need for changing your oil plug are a drain pan, gloves, a new oil plug and a cloth or rag to wipe the oil with. You will also need engine oil and some safety goggles. You will find these materials from your local automotive shop. You can also purchase an oil plug online. One website where you can get an oil plug from is On the website, you will be able to find metric plugs, repair plugs, magnetic plugs, truck plugs, pipe plugs and many more.

Preparation. First, place the drain pan right under where the oil plug is located. This is to catch the oil when you unscrew the drain plug. Make sure that the car is turned off before you start working on it. If you have just used the car, let it rest for about half an hour before you start working on it. Wear the gloves and safety goggles when you start to work.

Changing the oil plug. Remove the old oil plug from your car by screwing it off with a wrench. Be careful, as the oil will start leaking when you start loosening the oil plug off. Make sure that the drain pan is in place to catch the oil. Afterwards, wipe off the excess oil with the rag that you have. Screw on the new oil plug on the slot. When you screw the oil plug, make sure that it is tight but not too tight. Afterwards, wipe off the oil from the oil plug.

Refill the oil tank. After you have changed the oil plug, do not forget to refill your car with oil. This is the last step in changing the oil plug of your car. Check to see if there are no more leaks by turning on the engine of your car and observing underneath if there aren’t any leaks.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow if you want to change the oil plug of your car. Changing the oil plug by yourself will definitely save you a lot of money instead of hiring someone or bringing your car to the car shop. It is important that you know how to do some basic repairs on your car like changing a tire so that you can do it by yourself.


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