How To Change Automatic Transmission Fluid in a Chevy Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro or Chevy Camaro is a car introduced in the North America in the year 1967. This compact car, also known as pony car, is tailor-made to serve as a competition for the Ford Mustang. One feature that a car owner can find in the Chevy Camaro is the automatic transmission, a very intricate car component found in automobiles. The automatic transmission consists of hydraulic systems, computer controls and electrical system requires transmission fluid in order to work in perfect harmony.

Here are the steps that you should follow to change automatic transmission fluid in a Chevy Camaro:

  • Know more about transmission fluids. Transmission fluid is a special liquid agent that will aid the transmission on one gear to another in your car. This will greatly reduce the friction and the amount of heat generated by your car’s engine each time you drive it around. Before you attempt to change the transmission fluid of your car, you must first make an effort to know more about automatic transmission, and transmission fluids. This will prevent you from making mistakes that might cause further damage to your car. Taking your time to read automobile magazines can give you more knowledge that will help you distinguish the nature of this fluid.
  • Take a look at your Chevy’s engine. The kind of engine that your car has will greatly affect the kind of fluid that you will use. Therefore, you must make an effort to look at the components of your car’s engine. Visit a local garage and ask a mechanic to check the engine of your car. Bring the car’s user manual with you so the mechanic can go over it, and suggest the right kind of transmission fluid that your car will require.
  • Ask your mechanic to check the fluid level of your car. Ask the mechanic to check the fluid level of your car. This will determine if you already need to change the transmission fluid of your car. If your transmission fluid is already low on amount, you have to change it.
  • Change the transmission fluid of your car. With the assistance of a mechanic, drain the transmission fluid from your car until it is empty. Ask the mechanic to clean out the transmission pan of your car’s engine. Watch him carefully so that you know what to do each time you need to change your car’s transmission fluid. After cleaning out the transmission pan of your car’s engine, refill it with unused transmission liquid. You may have to use a funnel to do this so that you will not spill the fluid on your car’s engine. Return the transmission pan to your car’s engine. If you are a first time owner of a car, it is wise to let the mechanic do this for you.
  • Ask for advice. Ask the mechanic about how often you should change the transmission fluids of your car. If you are fortunate, you might even learn some tips that will make the task easier for you. Do not forget to give the mechanic a hefty tip for helping you out. Always take your time in changing the transmission fluid of your Chevy Camaro until you get the hang of it.

The Chevy Camaro’s engine is very powerful. However, neglecting simple tasks like changing the transmission fluid of your car will shorten the engine’s life. Use these steps as a guide in changing the transmission fluid of your engine to ensure that you will have a classic car that will last very long.


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