How To Change Serpentine Belt on Pontiac Sunfire

The serpentine belt is a critical piece of hardware for your Pontiac Sunfire. Without one, your sleek shiny car is nothing more than an expensive lump of metal gathering rust by the highway. What this means is that you should regularly inspect the serpentine belt, and replace it if necessary. Thankfully, with the right knowledge and the appropriate tools, you can do it in a fairly short amount of time. Read the following guide to learn how to change the serpentine belt on your Pontiac Sunfire.

First, be absolutely sure that the vehicle can not start by accident. Make sure that the keys are not in the ignition, and that it's with you or somewhere outside the vehicle. Then pop the hood open, and prop it up with the hood stand.

The next step is to find the diagram of the belt routing system. There are several places where you might find this. It can be near the belt, on the brace of the engine's front, or underneath the hood. Don't worry if you can't find the diagram. You can make on of your own by simply taking out a pen and a piece of paper and tracing the belt's route around the pulleys.

Next, you need to find the tensioner. You will find it below the pump of the power-steering. If you can see the crankshaft, you will find the tensioner right above it. Having found the tensioner, you can now take out the belt. To do this, place an adapter (15mm) inside the tool for belt removal. And then, find the bolt's head in the tensioner's center. Put the removal tool on the bolt's head.

Once properly positioned, rotate the belt removal tool clockwise. This serves to relieve the belt of tension. Alternatively, instead of using a belt removal tool, you can use a ratchet. Take the belt off the pulley for the alternator. Then remove it from all of the pulleys and take it out of the engine. Now you need to make sure that your new belt is the right size for your car, so compare the new belt with the old one and see if they are similar.

To put in the new belt, you should refer to the diagram that you either found or drew. Begin by wrapping the belt around the A/C compressor's lower part, and then wind the belt up and around the pump for the water. The main idea when installing the new belt is to use your diagram as a guide on how it should look like in the end. By remembering how you took the belt out, you'll have a sense of how the process is ordered chronologically. For example, the last thing you did when taking out the belt should be the first thing that you do when putting a new one in. You should end with the very first step that you took when taking out the belt.

When the new belt is in place, test the new installation by revving up your engine while keeping the hood popped open. If you hear any strange noises, you should investigate the bearings in the pulleys. Keep making adjustments until the motor regains its normal sound. When everything is as it should be, close the down the hood and you're done!


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