How To Change the Shocks on a Ford F-150

Want to learn how to change the shocks on your Ford F-150? Perhaps you should; after all, changing the shocks of your truck is not that hard to do. It doesn’t take up too much of your time, and you don’t need to have expensive or specialized tools in order to do it. It also saves you good deal of cash in the long run, money which you can use to improve your Ford, or for other difficult maintenance jobs.

And even if you eventually decide to hire someone to change your truck’s shocks for you, it’s still a good idea to know what’s going on. Read on and learn how to change the shocks on a Ford F-150.

To change the shocks on your truck, first you’ll need to get your tools in order. Don’t worry; chances are that you already have these tools lying around in your garage. You’ll need a nut breaker, a jack, pliers that have big arc-joints, a wrench (18 mm and 14 mm), jack stands, ratchet and socket (18 mm), a hammer, and a large punch. Once you have your tools organized, it’s time to get to work.

The first step is to detach the front tires so that you can have more room to move and work in. Lift up the truck’s front using a jack and use the jack stands to carry the weight of the truck, and then remove both the left and right front tires.

Find the nut located at the shock’s top. Take your 14 mm wrench and use it to take out the nut. If you find that you need more stability while doing this, you should use your arc-joints and to hold the shock’s body in place.

This gives you the stability you need to take out the nut. Depending on how old the truck is or what kind of environment it is used in, you may find that the nut is too rusted up to be removed with a wrench. In such a case, break the nut with your nut breaking tool.

Next, take out the bolt located at the shock’s bottom surface. The socket wrench should be used for this. Use the hammer and punch in order to drive out the bolt.

Squeeze the shock and then put the new mounts in. Put in an additional rubber cushion, a nut, and a new washer on the bolt. Keep on tightening the nut; stop when the cushions are compressed about a third of the way.

Finally, put in the cross bolt. Make sure that it’s tightened.

The next half of the job consists of installing the shocks on the rear of your truck. Just as you removed the nut from the front shock, take out the nut in the rear shock. In this case, you will find the nut on the bracket. This means you may have to use your wrench to reach the nut.

Next, take out the bolt at the bottom using the same procedure that you used with the front shock. Set up the cushion as well as the washer and then, inside the brackets, set up the new shock. Put in the other cushion, the nut, and the washer. Compress the cushions a third of the way by tightening the nut. In the lower bracket, install the new shock and put the bolt back in place.

Finally, tighten up the bolt, and you’re done!


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