How To Change Truck Wheels

It is an important thing to know how to change the wheels on your vehicle. This is so that you can be ready to change a flat tire without having to call an auto center. Changing truck wheels is slightly different from changing car wheels. This is because truck tires tend to be heavier and are supported by other mechanisms, such as chains and bolts that may rust. It is also important that you always have a spare factory wheels with you so that you can be ready for emergencies.

Here are the steps on how you can change truck wheels:

  1. Gather the tools. First, make sure that you have all the tools needed to change the wheels of your truck. These are the spare tires, a tire jack, WD40 or grease spray, a chunk of wood or stone, a flashlight and a road reflector. You may need the flashlight for changing wheels at night and you will need the road reflector if you are changing your wheels on the side of a road.
  2. Loosen the parts. If you have an old factory truck, or if you haven’t changed the tires in a long time, the chains, bolts and brackets might be rusted and stuck on the aluminum wheels. You will have a hard time removing these parts. What you have to do is spray some WD40 to loosen the rust. You can then remove the bolts and chains. To prevent this from happening in the future, you can spray these parts with rust penetrant. Loosen the parts but do not remove them yet in place.
  3. Setting up the truck. Place the jack under the vehicle on the part of the wheel that you are going to replace. Make sure that the jack supports the metal frame of the wheel. The next thing to do is to place a chunk of wood or a stone to prevent your truck from rolling away when you are changing the tire. This is just for extra caution. Pump the jack until you can remove the tire easily.
  4. Changing the tire. Remove the bolts and the tire. Replace the tire with your spare tire. Replace all the bolts, brackets and chains and make sure that they are screwed on tightly and placed securely. After this, you can now lower the truck on the ground by releasing the jack.
  5. Safety. After lowering the truck back on the ground, you have to again make sure that all the bolts are secured tightly in place. When you are already sure, you can remove the chunk of wood or stone. You have just finished replacing your truck’s wheel.

These are the steps on how you can replace a truck wheels. After you have used your spare tire, you have to get a new spare tire. You can get cheap wheels that are still in good condition. You can also purchase other spare parts or truck packages so that you are sure to have everything you need when there is an emergency.


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