How To Change Your Car Motor Oil

Knowing how to maintain your car will surely add to its life. You must do the necessary check ups once every few months to ensure that your car still runs smoothly. One of the things that you have to check is the motor oil of your car. The motor oil of your car must be changed to ensure that your car will still run the way it should. You can get your motor oil changed by bringing your car to the automotive shop and having someone do it for you. Note that this will cost you a lot of money. If you have the time, you can learn how to change the motor oil of your car by yourself so that you can save some money.

Here are the step by step instructions on how you can change the motor oil of your car:

Materials you will need. Gather all the materials that you will need so that you have them within reach when you start changing the oil of your car. Check your car’s manual to see what type of motor oil you should use. You will need an oil filter, oil container, some old rags, a wrench, a car jack, jack stands and a funnel. When doing this, park your car on a level surface to make the job easier for you. Also, let your car rest for a few hours before changing the motor oil.

Preparation. Prop up your car by using the jack stands, one in front of the car and the other at the back. Make sure that your car is supported properly before you go under it to prevent accidents from happening. If you do not have the right tools for propping up your car, you can borrow.

Look for the drain plug. Look for the location of the drain plug. This is the plug that is keeping the oil from flowing out of your car. Get your oil container and rags ready. Use your wrench to loosen up the drain plug. When it is lose enough, the oil will drain out so be ready with your container to catch it. Wait for the oil to completely drain out of your car. This may take a few minutes. When there is no more oil leaking out of your car, you can wipe the drain plug and screw it back in place.

Look for the oil filter. Next, unscrew the oil filter and do the same as what you did with the oil plug. Wait for the oil to completely drain out. Afterwards, put on the new filter.

Add new motor oil. Go to your engine and uncover the oil cap. Use the funnel and put it in the hole so that you can fill your engine with the new oil. Remember to use just the right amount of oil. Read your owner’s manual to know just how much you should use. Cover the hole with the cap.

These are the easy steps on how you can change the motor oil of your car. Remember that you should change your car oil once a year for better performance.


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