How To Check Drivers License Status

If you are worried about the status of your driver’s license for one reason or another, the only way to check this is with the local Department of Motor Vehicle office in your locality. There are several ways to check the status though and the tips below outline the ways to check driver’s license status.

  • One of the most common ways for you to check the status of your driver’s license is to visit the local office of the DMV where your license was issued. Find the time and visit the office personally. If you have applied for a driver’s license and have been eagerly awaiting it to arrive in the mail, this is also the chance for you to check the status of your application and probably find out when exactly you will be able to receive your driver’s license.
  • Go online and search for the website of the local DMV office that issued your license. Look for the button or tab or link that will lead you to the different online services offered by the website. Scroll to where the option to check the status of a driver’s license is located. Click it and provide your driver’s license number in the search box and wait for the status report screen to come out. Follow any instructions that may be given based on the status of your license. Do remember that updates may be delayed, as this is dependent on the filing times of reports, particularly if you just got involved in a traffic violation and had been issued a ticket.
  • Checking the status will only provide you with current information. The status will tell you if your license is suspended, valid or has expired or the date that it will expire. Most states offer free driver’s license status check while some states like California will require you to fill up a form and pay a five-dollar fee for processing the information. While some states only request for your driver’s license number to get the status, most states will require you to provide your driver’s license number, your Social Security Number, your phone number as well as your registered address.
  • You can also check the status of your driver’s license by calling the local office of the licensing agency. You may have to go through the operator if you do not know the extension number of the section that handles driver’s license status inquiries. You also need to follow the same procedure as checking the status personally and online. You have to provide all the pertinent information that the person in charge will require from you before he or she can check the status of your license. Follow the instructions that will be given to you if your license has expired or has been suspended or you need to reinstate or renew your license.

It is a good idea to check the status of your driver’s license periodically as some minor errors in the record keeping may affect the validity of your license. Errors in driver’s license status can also have grave impact when you are getting car insurance and looking for favorable insurance rates as well as when you are looking for a job.


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