How To Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Chevy Avalanche

Since its debut back in 1991, the Chevy Avalanche proved to be one of the most flexible vehicles up to this day. A lot of reviews gave high marks on the different Avalanche models due to its innovative configurations and impressive performance, not to mention its smooth driving features. As with all cars, proper maintenance is required to keep it in good condition. Regular detailing, particularly the inspection of its fluids are sure ways to maintain your Chevy Avalanche performing at its best.

This article will give you tips on how to choose the right fluids and oil for a Chevy Avalanche.

  • Engine Oil. You can choose between an SAE 5W-30 or a 10W-30. While most experts say that there really is no big difference between the two. It is still recommended that you go with what your manual advices you to use. You might also want to consider the weather or the climate in choosing your engine oil. A 5W-30 is recommended if you are anticipating colder temperature. Make sure though that the oil is approved by the API for engines that run on gasoline.
  • Front and rear axles. The axles are vital structural parts of any vehicle. It maintains the position of the wheels and carries the weight of the entire vehicle including its load. Therefore it is important to keep them well- lubricated and reliable. Use an SAE 80W-90 to lubricate the front axles and a synthetic 75W-90 for the rear axles.
  • Automatic Transmission. This is a very convenient feature that enables the driver to shift gears without having to do it manually. The DEXRON series is perhaps the most popular and widely used Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). You can use a DEXRON/MERCON III or the latest DEXRON VI for refill.
  • Power Steering. Another driver-friendly component of a Chevy Avalanche is its power steering system. It gives the driver the luxury to turn and move the steering wheel with ease and comfort. However, it can also be a major cause of accident and even death if not properly maintained or when the system fails. Ensure that you regularly inspect the level of power steering fluid left in the tank. Use a General Motors (GM) Power Steering Fluid (PSF) for your Chevy Avalanche.
  • Brake Fluid. Most automotive experts suggest that brake fluids must be changed or flushed every 1 to 2 years especially the glycol based type. Intermittent inspection and fluid replacement or changes are also ideal to ensure safety. A DOT-3 brake fluid is a smart choice.
  • Coolant. Most Chevy models require the use of GM approved DEX-COOL antifreeze/coolant. Be sure to mix the coolant with equal parts water, ideally distilled and clean. Keep out of children's or pet's reach. Coolants have a nice fragrant smell that can be confused as a drinkable solution.

Depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer, a vehicle may require oil and fluid changes every 3,000 miles or 7,500 miles. Regular inspection of the oil and fluid reservoirs with the use of a dipstick is a very effective safety measure.


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