How To Choose the Right Mobility Scooter

Scooters are perfect foils to traffic and your own personal standstills. You can easily move in and out of traffic and get to your destination faster. With the right scooter, you can fully enjoy moving around without the hassle of getting stalled by traffic out on the road.

Here’s how to choose the right mobility scooter.

  1. How much do you weigh? Scooters are flexible where weight is concerned but following regulations, all these are rated according to load capacity. By taking how much you weigh into consideration, you will definitely be able to choose the ideal mobility scooter to carry your weight around. For example, something lightweight is able to take on someone weighing on the range of 100lbs. – 250 lbs. On the other hand, heavy duty scooters can easily handle anyone or anything more than 400 lbs.
  2. How tall are you? Makes a lot of sense as well because you have to be comfortable seated with enough legroom to work the maneuvers of the scooter. Electric scooters have this issue because they are built quite compact so if you happen to be tall, you have to look for a mobility scooter that works for your height. To be very visual about it, if you are 5’5” tall, your scooter should be 42” long.
  3. What purpose will your scooter serve? Again, this is a very important factor in choosing one. Will it be indoors, outdoors, rough terrain, or short errands? There’s a scooter for each and every task and purpose so choose the one that will best serve the purpose you have in mind. You are also not limited to the basic two-wheel or three-wheel scooter, there’s a four-wheel scooter that is made for rough terrain.
  4. How long a distance will the scooter traverse? Scooters can traverse from 10 to 30 miles depending on your activity. Lightweight scooters can take you to your best friend’s house on the next block while heavy duty counterparts can work its way through a Golf course or the town proper.
  5. What manufacturers and brands are out there? The top manufacturers of scooters are Ford, Chrysler, Saturn, VW, Honda, Lexus, and Volvo while reliable brands to go for at really competitive prices are Drive Phantom 3 Wheel Scooter and the Drive Daytona 4 Wheel Medium Size Scooter.
  6. What kind of accessories should you have? Aside from being unprotected from the heat and cold, driving a mobility scooter can make you more susceptible to pressure sores so it is paramount to choose the right sized seat for your comfort and safety. Pressure sores will worsen if left unattended, so do not exacerbate it or even risk it by settling on uncomfortably hard seats. This should be your first upgrade investment. Then if your budget allows, you may also add in baskets, extra lights, larger tires (upon recommendation), and padding for the seat. The more comfortable you are, the safer it is for you to drive around in a scooter.

Scooters can be quite pricey with good brands starting at $1,600.00 but the ease, fun, and adventure it brings along with genuine mobility makes it a sound investment, indeed.


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