How To Clean a Car's Gas Tank

Even the car’s gas tank will eventually accumulate dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned out. If you have a car that is several years old, tank cleaning is a must. Tank cleaning, however, can be very frustrating especially if you have never done it before. Here’s how.

Removing the gas. Drive around the back or use up the car’s gas tank before cleaning it. If you have recently filled the gas tank to full, you can also use pumps to remove the excess gas in the tank. As much as possible, however, you should schedule the cleaning process and calibrate the amount of gas that you refill into the tank so that by the time you clean the tank, there is little or no gas left.

Removing the tank. Take the manual that your car has. The manual will give you a detailed description of how you can remove the gas tank from the car. If you have lost the car manual, you can visit the car dealer where you have purchased the car. Car dealers will usually have stocks of old car manuals, and can give you the manual at a discount or at a cheap price. Otherwise, you can simply photocopy the parts of the manual that you need and which have the instructions for taking the gas tank out.

Adding the gas tank cleaner. Once the tank has been removed, add in the gas tank cleaner which is available in most auto shops. Some gas tank cleaners will need to be diluted, while others will need to be placed into the tank as is. The amount of gas tank cleaner that you need will depend on size of the gas tank in your car. Read the instructions on the cleaner bottle so that you will know the amount of water that you need to put in the cleaner, if the case calls for it.

Let the cleaner sit. Allow the tank cleaner to sit in the tank for several hours, depending on the type of cleaner that you are using. Again, the waiting time needed to allow the car cleaner to remove the dirt in the car gas tank will be found on the label of the product that you are using.

Rinsing the tank. After the recommended waiting time, you will need to drain the tank of the cleaner. Once thoroughly drained, take your garden hose and use it to run water on the surface of the gas tank’s body. You can also scrub the surface of the gas tank at this point. Fill the gas tank with enough water to thoroughly rinse it. Drain the water and fill it up again until the water you drain from the tank is no longer filled with rust or stains.

Afterwards, allow the tank to air dry for approximately two days. If you have somewhere where you can hang the tank, do this in order to facilitate quicker drying. You can also use an air compressor to run warm air into the tank that will hasten the drying process.


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