How To Clean a Vinyl Vehicle Interior

Cars with vinyl interior require some specialized techniques of cleaning and specific cleaning agents as well. This is primarily due to the fact that the vinyl covering in most car interiors get damaged when cleaned with the regular car cleaner sold commercially. When not properly maintained, vinyl vehicle interiors will definitely lose their shine. Follow these steps if you want to ensure that your vehicle's vinyl-treated interior is kept at its best condition.

  1. Get everything needed ready and within arms reach. Have a bottle of vinyl cleaner, some scrubbing pads, a lint free towel, and a bottle of vinyl protectant. All of these can be acquired from your local household shop so make sure you have everything gathered prior to cleaning to prevent needless delays. Furthermore, have your trusty vacuum cleaner with its crevice tool handy for the job.
  2. Park in a shady area. Have your vehicle parked in a shady and well-ventilated area as this will help the vinyl protectant do its job well.
  3. Suck out the dirt first. It is never good to start cleaning the special details of your car when it's covered in dust. Use your vacuum cleaner for the purpose. If necessary, affix a crevice tool onto the end of the vacuum cleaner's hose to reach gaps and fissures inside your car.
  4. Start cleaning your vehicle's vinyl interior. Most vinyl cleaners are contained in bottles with sprayers so all you need to do is pick a spot and spray away on the vinyl-topped interior. It's probably a good idea to work in sections for a more systematic cleaning process. After that, use the scrubbing pad to wipe away the vinyl covering so that it's clean and shiny. Repeat the whole process for the other sections of the interior.
  5. Finish off by applying vinyl protectant. Vinyl protectant, as its name suggests, protects vinyl coating really well. This substance helps keep your vinyl vehicle interior shiny and free from cracks. Pour sufficient amounts onto the lint free towel. Bear in mind not to put the vinyl protectant directly onto the vinyl-coated interior as this will smear and stain the surface. Make sure that you practice one sweep stroke when wiping the towel on the surface. This is to make sure that the vinyl protectant is applied evenly. Let it seep through the vinyl coating for about five minutes. After that, wipe all the extra vinyl protectant to avoid blotching on the surface. Repeat the process if you want to achieve shinier results on your vinyl vehicle interior.

Car enthusiasts who love taking care of their rides have two options on vinyl protectants sold in the market - those with a matte finish, and those with a shiny polish.


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