How To Clean Aluminum MAG Wheels

The aluminum MAG wheels of your vehicle are exposed greatly to dirt and debris in every road trip. This makes it necessary for you to clean them from time to time. Since the wheels’ shine can bring in a unique spark in your vehicle, you need to preserve it as much as possible by cleaning them regularly.

However, the problem here is that you don’t just clean the aluminum MAG wheels. You need to know certain details to ensure that your cleaning tasks will not bring any harm to the wheels. So here, check out these steps on how you can properly clean your vehicle’s aluminum MAG wheels:

  • Double check the wheels. Make it a point to double check the temperature of the brakes first before proceeding into this cleaning process. This is necessary because when you start spraying cold water into brakes that are still hot, the rotors can be deformed and cause spotting. Therefore, make sure that the brakes are already cool before you start cleaning off the aluminum MAG wheels.
  • Spray water onto the MAG wheel. Use a water hose to spray down water on each MAG wheel. This is necessary so that every dirt, debris, and dust present on the wheels will be completely removed. Keep in mind that the higher the pressure of the hose is, the more efficient the cleaning results will be. Therefore, if the hose does not give you enough pressure that you need, attach a nozzle onto it.
  • Get a bucket of warm water with soap. Prepare a bucket of warm water and add a good amount of soap onto it. Dip your terrycloth into the bucket and let it become saturated with the soap and water solution. Then, rub the cloth in each wheel until such time that all dust and debris is already removed.
  • Brush dirt away. For removing dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas of the wheels such as those in crevices and spokes, use a long handled brush for the cleaning. However, make sure that the bush is not too abrasive. Test the brush first in a small area of the wheel before proceeding on the process.
  • Apply aluminum cleaner. At this point, the wheels are already ready to receive aluminum cleaner. However, take note that the cleaning agent you will be using must be suitable for aluminum surfaces only. If not, it may cause damage to the aluminum MAG wheels.
  • Clean the backside of each wheel. Don't forget to clean the backside of the wheels as well. Remove the tires first and then clean the backsides until they shine perfectly. Once the wheels are dry, put back the tires into their original position. You can now expect sparkling aluminum MAG wheels on your vehicle.

Ensuring that the aluminum MAG wheels are freed from dirt regularly, you can also be ensured that your vehicle will always look at its best. Hence, when you see the need to clean the wheels, make it a point that you do not miss cleaning it. Otherwise, your vehicle will no longer provide you the spark you wish it to show.


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