How To Clean an Aluminum Diamond Plate Toolbox

An aluminum diamond plate toolbox is indeed a great investment for your vehicle. True enough, it catches everybody else’s eyes. However, as with catching a good amount of attention, this kind of toolbox perfectly attracts dirt. Therefore, there is a need to clean this toolbox occasionally.

If you think that cleaning this kind of toolbox involves a lot of trouble that is not a bit true. Giving back the sparkling shine of this toolbox is fast and easy. Here, take a look at these easy yet effective tips in cleaning your aluminum diamond plate toolbox:

  • Prepare the needed things. To help you bring back the sparkle of your toolbox, prepare the following: one can of cola, aluminum wax, buffer, rag, paper towels, and stiff brush.
  • Pour cola onto the surface of the toolbox. Evenly distribute all the contents of a cola can onto the top surface of the tool box. Grab a rag or a paper towel to help you in distributing it on the surface. Leave the cola there for around five minutes at least.
  • Scrub the surface. Use a stiff brush to scrub the surface of the diamond plate. This process will easily let the grime as well as the dirt on the surface come off the tool box. When scrubbing the surface, make sure that it is done thoroughly so that you will not leave even a small part of the tool box untouched.
  • Rinse the tool box. Carefully rinse the surface with clean water. Make sure to do this thoroughly so that there will be no traces of the cola from the surface. Dry it afterwards using paper towels. A cotton rag will be best for this purpose as well. Then, let the surface to dry.
  • Apply an aluminum wax. Before using this wax, care to read the manufacturer's directions first. This is necessary so that you can take advantage of the wax's maximum potential. Then, evenly coat enough amount of this wax onto the surface. Make sure that all the indentations as well as the crevices of the diamond plate are covered with enough wax. Then, let the wax dry on the surface.
  • Buff the toolbox. If you have a powered buffer, use it to polish the surface until it comes to be shiny already. Or, you can buff the surface using your hands. Whatever method you do in buffing the surface will help in the prevention of future buildup of grime. With this, you don't need to clean the aluminum diamond plate toolbox every now and then.

Your vehicle’s aluminum diamond plate toolbox will be senseless if it is just kept being covered with dirt. No matter how great looking it was when you first had it, its shine will finally leave when dirt comes in contact with it. Therefore, make it your best to give some of your time to clean this toolbox. After all, this is the only way you can make it sparkle as new again.


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