How To Clean Black Convertible Tops

A car with a convertible top is one of the most innovative styles of vehicles today. Some people choose to own one because of its cool look and eye-catching style. It varies greatly in design but commonly a black convertible top seems to be the most popular. But whatever type of convertible top you have, it is imperative to have it cleaned and conditioned. Apart from making your vehicle look good, you can maximize its use for longer years. There are a lot of automotive supplies that are specifically used in cleaning your black convertible top. However, you have to keep a few things in mind so that you will know the convertible top cleaner that will work best for your black convertible top.

  1. Determine the type of material used in your black convertible top. Commonly used materials for convertible tops are polyacrylic/polyester canvas or vinyl. This type of material is usually referred to as soft-top materials.
  2. Choose the right cloth convertible top cleaner based on material. Vinyl tops are easier to maintain compared to fabric-like canvas, which is greater looking than the former. Canvas tops are water resistant unlike vinyl tops that are waterproof. There are however, ways in treating canvas tops to make it waterproof. Fabric tops are tight weave while canvas tops are susceptible to leaks. You need to check on these things but it would be better if you verify the material of your convertible top with your dealer.
  3. Use a convertible top cleaner without ingredients that can be very harmful with your convertible top. These components are ammonia, bleach, vinegar, alcohol and detergent. You don’t want to replace your soft top early on just because of deteriorated convertible tops due to use of these materials. You also need not choose a cleaner that is oil-based. Such cleaners are absorbed into the weaves of the top and eventually become a dust magnet. So always check on the label because it pays a lot!
  4. Clean your black convertible top thoroughly. Dark colored tops are usually settled by dust particles that are barely seen. It is recommended to wash your convertible top once or twice a month. This way, you can’t tear down or create marks in your black convertible top because of frequent scrubbing. To avoid scratches and marks, use a soft scrub brush or sponge. Make sure not to leave lint on your tops. If your top is free from stains, you can just use a light auto shampoo and rinse it with cool water. Don’t wipe to dry your convertible top, rather, use a microfiber towel to absorb the water blots.
  5. Use a stronger cleaner in washing convertible tops with foreign materials like bird droppings and grease. These unwanted materials have penetrated into the weave so it is also needed to use cleaners that can go through the weaves of your convertible top. There are available auto supplies that are effective in removing stains. It is not recommended to scrub the top for it may cause the foreign materials to permeate. Visit automotive supply stores and ask for effective stain cleaners.

Considering the tips above doesn’t suffice to prolong the life and beauty of your black convertible top. You must keep in mind that it should be handled with care and provided with regular maintenance.


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