How To Clean Brake Calipers for Painting

So, you want to clean your brake calipers before your paint them?  Well, here are some tips.  Read on:

  • Secure your car.  Park it properly.  Check out the emergency break.  Is it set?  Then, lift your car.  Use your jack stand.  After that, you can proceed to take out the wheels.
  • Don't remove your brake calipers yet.  There's a proper time for that.  Inspect your brakes.  Drain them.  Be careful.  Protect the brake lines.  They should not be stained.  After a while, prepare your brake calipers.  Position them on coat hangers.
  • Gear up to clean your brake calipers.  This is very critical.  All traces of grease or dirt should be removed from them.  Otherwise, it may be impossible to achieve a smooth finish.  Your goal is to even the surfaces.
  • Use your wire brush first.  After that, grab the solvent.  Remember that it is going to be trouble if you operate the power drill right after trying the solvent.  Your power drill may trigger sparks since solvent is a flammable agent.  You should also see to it that the solvent doesn't get into the cylinders or the brake lines.  The solvent can easily damage them. 
  • Inspect if there are some debris.  Take them out using your wire brush.  Then, bring out a toothbrush and a piece of sandpaper.  Use them to reach those nooks and crannies.  You can use a paper towel after if you need to thoroughly wipe or dry everything.
  • If you still see some dirt, get your brake cleaner.  Spray it on your brake calipers and then, scrub it off immediately.   If there are still some grease residues, wash them off with a grease-removing soap.
  • It is an entirely easier job if your brake calipers are already painted.  That is going to make your cleaning job a breeze.  Simply scrub off the original paint with an abrasive pad.  Wait until your brake calipers become dull.  Then, get your brake cleaner.  Spray it on your brake calipers.
  • Bring out your drop cloth.  Use it to protect your workspace and to cover the parts of your car.  Make sure to tape it well.  This is a strict requirement especially if you are going to rely on a spray paint.
  • If you are thinking to employ non-spray paint, start preparing and mixing your paint colors.  You should also activate the reactor.  Once you have stirred in your reactor, be aware that your time is already running fast.  Your paint can harden between four and five hours.  After that, your paint may become unusable.
  • If you going to use the spray paint, proceed with care.  Cover everything.

If you are a newbie and you are a bit nervous about pulling off the job, you can always ask the help of a friend or a colleague.  You can also visit an auto care repair service as seek professional advice.  Otherwise, you can proceed to clean your brake calipers and prepare them for a great painting job.


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