How To Clean Car Leather Seats

Most of today's vehicles have leather seats in them.  Unfortunately, it is easy for these car's leather seats to become dirty and stained.  This is something that you do not want since germs and mold can grow there disturbing the allergies, as well as the overall health, of you and your family.  As such you will want to know how to clean clean car leather seats.  In order to do so, you need to do work carefully so as not to ruin your car's leather seats.  It is actually quite easy to make a mistake and ruin your car's leather seats if you use harsh chemicals on them or scrub them in the wrong way.

You will need to purchase something like Lexol leather cleaner to use on your car's leather seats.  This is a product that you can easily find at any hardware store.  You can also purchase it from numerous department stores as well.  Regardless of which brand of cleaner you purchase, it is of great importance to read the directions before you get started.  It is also a good idea to test a drop of this product on a spot on your car's leather seats that is not easily seen.  Doing so will allow you to make sure that this product is not going to harm your car's leather seats in any way.  For instance, some cleaners may actually discolor your car's leather seats, which is something that you obviously do not want to happen.

Once you have done the test and made sure that everything is fine, you may proceed with cleaning your car's leather seats.  If you are going to be using Lexol cleaner, here are the steps that you will need to take:

  1. Spray 2 or 3 squirts of Lexol on the top of your car's leather seats.  In order to ensure that this is done properly, you will want to work in sections.
  2. Leather car seatsDip the corner of the cloth that you are using into a bowl of water before you begin to rub and thus activate the foaming action.
  3. You should allow this foam to sit for a couple of minutes.  If it is a deep stain, then allow it to sit for several minutes.  This will help the cleaner pull out any deep dirt or set in stains.
  4. Use a dry cloth to wipe the foam off.

Simply do this for any remaining surfaces and you will have clean car leather seats.


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