How To Clean Car Upholstery Stains

You may spend a huge sum of money to keep your car exterior polished and shiny. And that says so much about you as the owner. But however sparkling your car exterior may be, the value and overall appeal of your car is in part determined by your car interior, the upholstery most especially. Stained upholstery, you have to remember, also says so much about you. Aside from that, it is not a very good sight. Good thing is, car upholstery stains can be easily removed, that is if you attempt to remove them immediately. To help you, here are some cleaning tips.

  1. Identify the cleaning solution to use. To do this, you need to first identify the kind of stain on your upholstery. The stain will mostly determine what kind of cleaning solution you will use. There are stains that are easy to remove with a regular cleaning solution. Others, however, are stubborn stains that may necessitate special cleaners. You also have to consider the upholstery, since different upholstery materials have different cleaning requirements. Fabrics, for instance, are easier to work on than leather.
  2. Prepare the stained area. You can do this in two ways. If you are dealing with wet stains, you have to first blot the stains with a dry cloth to get the excess fluid. Dry stains, on the other hand, should be cleaned of debris and residues. For instance, if your upholstery incurred crayon stains, you may have to scrape off the crayon before applying any cleaning solution. For other stains, you may have to first wipe off the residues.
  3. Apply upholstery cleaner. Begin the cleaning process by spraying upholstery cleaner on the stained area. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the stain using a soft brush. If necessary, you can spray more cleaner as you scrub. Rinse and dry the upholstery using a clean cloth as soon as the stain disappears.
  4. Use home cleaning solution. Other stains can be easily removed with home cleaning solution. Detergent and dishwashing liquid, for instance, work as efficiently as commercial upholstery cleaners. Detergent can remove any kind of stain, while dishwashing liquid can be used to get rid off gasoline stain. Hairspray and rubbing alcohol also have been proven to effectively remove stubborn ink stains. Toothpaste and shaving cream are good stain removers as well. Use any of these products as you would a commercial cleaner. Apply an appropriate amount after removing excess fluid and residues, and then scrub the stain using a soft brush or cloth. Wipe the affected area with a towel afterwards.

If you are dealing with stain odor, you can remove it by using baking soda. Mix two parts baking soda with one part water to form a paste. Then apply the paste to the stained area. Let is sit for around two hours. Remove the paste afterwards using a clean, damp towel. White vinegar is likewise effective in removing odor because of its acidic content. Add one teaspoon of white vinegar to your detergent solution. As you apply the cleaning solution, the white vinegar will neutralize the smell.


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