How To Clean Mildew & Wetness from Auto Carpet

Whenever heavy rains strike which result in flooding, you may be forced to drive through it even though your common sense has already warned you that if you push through, your car will become flooded in the process. Well, due to your hard headed nature and the insatiable desire to get to your destination in record speeds, your car interior is now extremely wet. Leaving this wetness untended for even a few hours can lead to mildew on your vehicle’s upholstery and carpets which can really develop into a very unpleasant aroma. Obviously, you could have prevented this by simply not traversing the flood but since the deed has been done, then here are some steps on how to clean your already wet auto carpeting in order to remove the undesired mildew that has developed.

  • Dry the auto carpet. All right, since your car interior is drenched, the first thing that you should do to begin the cleaning process is to dry the auto carpet. Now, since it will be tough to take the carpet out, you will need to try and dry it within. One effective way is to just line the entire carpet with towels. The towels should be able to absorb the moisture making it damper instead of drenched. If you have one of those special vacuum cleaners that are designed to suck in liquids, then consider using that to speed up the drying process. While drying, make sure all your doors are open and that your vehicle is frying under the sun, if possible.
  • Remove the mildew. Once the auto carpet is dry or at the very least slightly damp, it is now time to search for the mildew and remove all traces of this stinky element. You will need to find the stains caused by mildew first. The mildew stains are typically white dots and spots all around the carpet. To remove the stains, you will need to purchase a nice mildew removing carpet cleaner. This can be found in any auto supply or hardware supply store. Mix the carpet cleaner with water at about half and half. Dampen a rag or a sponge in the cleaning solution and start scrubbing the carpet where the stains have concentrated on. This should agitate the molecules of the stain off of the fibers of the carpet. Keep scrubbing until all of the stain has disappeared. Once that is done, spray a nice coat of hydrogen peroxide on the specific areas to further clean them as well as to prepare these areas for complete drying.
  • Dry the carpet. Once all the stains have disappeared and the carpet is now coated with hydrogen peroxide, leave the car under the sun and the carpet to dry naturally. You will need to leave your doors and windows open for this.

If the unwanted aroma still persists, then consider either placing an open contained filled with charcoal in the car or apply a light coat of white vinegar on the carpet. These remedies should absorb and eliminated the undesirable odor.


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