How To Clean Motorcycle Gas Tanks

If you have a motorcycle, whether it has been sitting in your garage for a quite some time or simply for maintenance purposes, it is important that you how to clean not only its main body but also the gas tank as well. More often than not, it will surely accumulate dust, grime and grease really fast if not taken care of properly. You need to clean it on a regular basis. This will definitely make your motorcycle run as smooth as a baby and will prevent any future troubles that may arise. Cleaning your motorcycle gas tank may sound a bit too complicated for you to do, but it is actually very easy. With the right tools, attitude and a healthy dose of patience, you can never go wrong. You really do not need a professional to do it for you. You can save lots of money by doing it all by yourself. All you have to do is just these steps to the letter. To learn more about how to clean your motorcycle gas tank, here are some very effective and helpful tips that you can easily follow.

  1. Carefully remove the gas tank from the motorcycle. You can easily do this by making sure you refer to your motorcycle's manual on how to correctly accomplish this task. If you do not have a manual, you can start by unhooking the gas lines or vacuum lines. It all depends on the type of motorcycle that you have. If yours have fuel valves attached to the tank, you need to remove it as well. This includes the low fuel sensor. Be very careful when doing this step.
  2. It is vital that you block all openings or fuel holes before you start cleaning. You can do this by clamping a hose into the fittings and close the end by tightly bolting it.
  3. Acquire a small bag of BBs. Dump it in the motorcycle gas tank and add half a gallon of diesel fuel. Vigorously shake it but be very careful. Make sure you do not spill anything. This will effectively remove any rusts.
  4. As soon as you are completely satisfied, you can remove the BB and diesel mixture. Dispose of it properly for safety reasons. To remove any residues of diesel fuel, splash your tank with gasoline. You can now return it back to your motorcycle. It is now clean and rust-free.

It is very important that you take extra precaution when doing this procedure. You are dealing with a fuel container so make sure you avoid any sparks that may ignite fire. Make sure you put all things with fuel away properly. It would also be safer if you obtain a liner. You can seal your gas tank with it as soon as you are finished cleaning it. This will prevent any gas leak problem. These are the things that you need to consider when cleaning your motorcycle gas tank. It is important that you wear protective gloves, safety goggle and overalls to avoid unnecessary accidents that might come up. Schedule this task properly on your calendar. Make sure you have ample time to do it so you will not rush. Be very thorough and always double check on everything for safety reasons. Just follow these quick and easy steps and you will soon be surprised with the amazing results. Good luck!


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