How To Clean RV Heat Duct Work

If you own a recreational vehicle or RV, there are some maintenance issues you have to be mindful of. One of them is the regular maintenance of the RV’s heat duct work. The RV’s furnace should be periodically checked to make sure there are no problems. Also, regular cleaning will help prevent problems such as overheating or the entire furnace breaking down.

Here’s how to clean your RV’s heat duct work.

  1. Do an inspection of your furnace. The furnace is located on the outside of your RV. There may be one or two furnaces covered by a grill. You may check your owner’s manual to locate the furnace. With a screw driver, open the grill cover. You will need to unscrew it to access the furnace.
  2. Once open, check the control board. Make sure there’s no lint or dust build up and the connections are proper and not loose. Do a visual inspection of the other furnace parts. Check the furnace for any soot marks. This is an indication of overheating. If you have any soot marks, or leaking heat ducts, call a technician right away.
  3. Check the return air vents to make sure there are no obstructions such as dirt or lint buildup. If your heat ducts are brittle and stiff, you may need to replace them. When the duct loses its flexibility, it will be more prone to cracking and therefore leaking.
  4. To clean your heat ducts, prepare your tools first. You will need a long plumber’s pipe snake so you can reach into the farthest recesses of the duct. The pipe should be thin enough to fit into the ducts. Wrap an old rag around the pipe and secure it with tape so it doesn’t unravel and get stuck in the vent. If this happens, it is a fire hazard.
  5. Insert the pipe with the rag attached to it inside the duct. Do not force it in or you may rip the duct. As you push the pipe in, the rag will wipe off the inside surface of the duct and take along any dirt inside the duct. When you reach the end, just pull the pipe back out. You may choose to repeat the process, especially if you notice a lot of dirt in the duct, or you haven’t cleaned it in a long time. Just use a different rag every time you insert the pipe in. Using the same rag will only put back the dirt you have already taken out.
  6. If you do not want to do this yourself, you may call on a professional. Several companies specialize in the care and maintenance of RV’s. You may look online for a listing, or check with your dealer to get a list of authorized cleaning and maintenance agents.

Regular cleaning of your RV’s furnace and duct work is necessary in the proper maintenance of your RV. It will keep heating costs low, improve the furnace’s efficiency, as well as the air quality inside your vehicle.


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