How To Clean the Oil Pump Filter

Eliminate Engine Noise Caused by Oil Pump Filter Failure

For the do-it-yourself mechanic, before taking on this job, set aside a weekend. Depending on type of vehicle you have, you may need metric or American tools, an engine hoist, a lift or jack stands.


Step 1

Remove front wheel and subframe (if necessary). First, remove the front wheel off of vehicle. In some vehicles, you may need to remove the subframe for access to the oil pan. To remove the subframe, remove four bolts that hold the stabilizer bar to the subframe. You do not need to remove the subframe from links at either suspension side.

Step 2

Drain oil by removing oil pan bolt plug. If a hose is attached to the to oil pan, remove it (newer vehicles have one bolted on).

Remove the two bolts and make sure the gasket is not damaged. Remove all bolts and nuts to remove the subframe, if needed.

Remove the oil pan bolts. On some vehicles, there is one bolt on the left side that needs an Allen wrench (L wrench).

Step 3

Remove oil pan and set aside. The oil pump is located in the front of the vehicle and the filter sticks out. The oil pump filter has two bolts. Remove both bolts.

Clean the filter with a blower or other cleaner. Remove all debris and reinstall. Clean old gasket material with a wire brush or putty knife and wipe it dry. Install a 1/8 bead of gasket-making material and reinstall the oil pan.

Install oil pan bolts in a cross pattern and do not over-torque (be sure to read the torque specs).

Step 4

Check for damage. You may want to check motor mounts for damage. If no additional repairs are needed, reinstall the subframe. Align one bolt and start it a couple of turns, then align and install another bolt on the opposite side (right or left, front or rear).

If no engine hoist is available (or too expensive), you can set the vehicle on 8x8 wood blocks, supporting the subframe on jack stands. Dont' drop it (just loosen it up) and raise the engine with a floor jack.

Safety is always the main concern. If using wood blocks, always support the vehicle on the front corner behind the wheels (rocker panel area), as these areas do not collapse, and allow for the removal of the subframe.


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