How To Clear Up Clouded Headlights

A lot of car parts have to be maintained so that you can be safe when you drive. This will also make sure that your car will be in its best running condition at all times. One of the things that people disregard when it comes to maintaining their cars are clouded headlights. With continued use, you may notice that the lenses of your headlights become clouded. Many people think that this does not have any effect on the condition of your car but maintaining the cleanliness of your headlights is more of a safety precaution. The lights of your car will not be as bright when the lenses are clouded.

Here are the steps on how you can clear up your headlights:

  1. Materials that you will need. For clearing your clouded headlights, you will need two soft cotton rags and a car lens polisher. You can buy the car lens polisher from your local automotive care store or the hardware store.
  2. Clean the headlights. Get one of your cotton rags and clean the surface of your headlights. This will get rid of all the dirt and dust that has collected on the surface of the headlights. The dirt can also be causing the cloudiness of the headlights.
  3. Apply car lens polisher. Read the instructions on the car lens polisher that you bought. There are different types so you have to read the instructions at the back of the bottle before you start. Some of them need to be mixed with water while others can be used as is. Start to apply the car lens polisher on the surface of the headlights. Use your rag to wipe the lens in a circular motion. You will notice that after a while of polishing, the substance will start to harden. This is normal.
  4. Clean the headlights. Get the other rag that you have and use this to wipe away the hardened lens polisher on the surface of the headlights. The polisher may be hard to remove at first but keep polishing until the lens clears up. Check the lens of the headlights and see if it is no longer cloudy. Repeat the steps for the other headlight.

These are the steps that you have to do in order for you to clear your clouded headlights. You can also do this for the other lights, such as your fog lights and tail lights. To maintain clear lenses on your lights, you have to polish them as soon as you notice that the lenses are not that clear anymore or when you see that the lights are not as bright when you are traveling at night.

Most car headlights nowadays are made out of plastic instead of glass. You can purchase different types of headlight lens care products that you can use for your car on the website You can choose from polish, restoration aids, cleaning systems, glazes and surface sealants. All of these products will help you maintain your headlights.


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