How To Consolidate Car Loans

Car loans are a part of living in the modern world. It is a way for average (even well-off) families to afford automobiles. There are plenty of different car loans in existence. They can be simple or complicated. They can encompass a wide range of items or offer a simple purchase and payment scheme. But no matter what it is made of, a car loan involves an item (car), value (price of the car), mode of payment (how it will be paid), payment schedule (duration of loan) and guidelines (rules of payment).

In a household, it is possible that one or more members of the family have a car. And usually all cars were taken from a loan and could even be currently on loan. These are some steps to be taken in case an owner or owners intend to consolidate their car loan.

  1. Prepare your statements and legal documents. It is advisable that all papers of the loan/s, the car/s and bank statements be on hand. They should be arranged according to date and grouped related to each other. Among documents to be used are car registrations and permits, creditor contracts and loans, bank financial statements and personal identification papers.
  2. Review your loan documents. Make sure that you know your legal and financial obligations. Understand your current standing in respect to credit and balance; and to current and prospective financial situation. Prepare the things you would want in the new loan arrangement and make sure you are ready to commit to it.
  3. Settle accounts and different loans. If credited to different banks or creditors make sure that all accounts are organized. Arrange all proof of payments or proper documents so that the new creditor can immediately review your account. 
  4. Talk to the current creditor. Formally submit requests to change loan arrangements. The bank usually could give new loan arrangements. New loan arrangements, depending on the old one, could have a longer payment schedule and bigger interest or shorter duration and smaller interest rate.
  5. If no new loan arrangements have been made with the old bank, it is time to meet with new creditors. Most banks or creditors have loan plans that could take another bank’s loans and offer a new one. Make sure that your reasons for consolidating car loans are met. If possible, it is a good idea to meet with more than one creditor and to look for more options. 
  6. Always remember the conditions of your new loan. Pay the right amount at the right time. It does not help to fail in paying for the new loan.
  7. Make sure that your new application for loan is done on schedule and is advantageous to you. Do not take the first offer that is given if it isn’t what you want or need.

Consolidating car loans is not easy. It is not done or approved quickly. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to make sure that it solves the present situation and is workable in the future.


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