How To Contest a Speeding Ticket by Mail

Driving your car at break-neck speeds is exhilarating and fun, especially on a wide stretch of highway. The only problem with it is that it can lead to horrific accidents. That is why laws have been enacted to provide speed limits on all highways and roads. Driving now is all about safety. The guardians of the law—the police, will eventually meet anyone who goes beyond the set limits. If you have been pulled over by highway police due to speeding, then you will be given a ticket that will force you to pay a fine. In some cases, your driver’s license can even be revoked. What a lot of people do not know is that a speeding ticket can be contested. It will only take a couple of steps, patience, and some arguing.

  1. Inspect the ticket. Sometimes, the highway police can make mistakes in writing the ticket. They are human after all. Inspect the ticket carefully. Any error such as a misspelled name, license plate, or car model can be grounds for the contestation and dismissal of the speeding ticket. If there are errors, make sure to point it out in the letter of contest that you will send in by mail. Make sure to make multiple copies of the ticket since you will be sending the original ticket with the letter of contest.
  2. Enter the plea. On the speeding ticket, there is a portion there where you will need to mark your plea. Since you plan to argue your way out of the ticket and the fine, place check mark on the “Not guilty” box. To explain your plea, there is a small portion below that will ask for the reason of the “Not guilty” plea. Write the reason down. An example of a reason would be that you really did not exceed the speed limit of the highway.
  3. Write the letter of contest. Normally, a letter of contest will not be needed since you can indicate that you are contesting the ticket on the ticket itself. However, sending a well-written letter that airs your side can provide a better result. At the same time, the letter will allow you to fully explain the situation and the grounds for the dismissal of the ticket. Make sure to address the letter correctly. The ticket will have contact information at the back. Address the letter properly based on the contact information.
  4. Send the contestation. Get an envelope and enclose it with the letter of contest and the original speeding ticket. Write the address of the local DMV office in your area. Write your return address on the upper left corner. Make sure to send the letter as certified with a return receipt so that you are assured that your letter will be received.
  5. Call the DMV. If you have sent the letter and want to check up on the status, you can call your local DMV office and inquire. The speeding ticket will have a contact number at the back. Make sure to take note of this.

Remember that you should only contest a speeding ticket if you are not guilty. If you really committed the crime, you should really do the time or pay the fine. Every citizen should follow traffic rules and regulations because these rules can really save lives.


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