How To Control a Steering Wheel

Almost all of you reading this article have driven a vehicle at one time or another, so you are probably aware that the steering wheel is the tool you use to make that vehicle go in the direction you want to go.

It may seem like a "no-brainer" to drive -- you just grab the wheel and turn it either to the left or right to make a turn and simply hang on, maybe with just one finger to go straight ahead.  In my many years of driving I have even seen folks drive with their knees so that they can accomplish something totally NOT related to driving, like take a bite of food or type out a quick text message!

If you do not have both hands on the steering wheel you are NOT being a truly safe driver!  You do not have the control you think you do and in order to drive safely you can not just steer your car, you need to "control" it as well.

Woman driving a carYou cannot control a car unless you have BOTH hands on the wheel.   There is a huge difference in just driving versus driving safely!  For example, say you are driving down the road and a child runs out in front of you.  Your reaction is to swerve out of the way and avoid that child.  If you happen to be driving with your knees or a finger or even just one hand, it will be impossible for you to safely turn the wheel.  By the time you have put both hands on the wheel you will have already run over the poor child or lost control of your vehicle!

In order to properly control your vehicle you must place both hands firmly on the steering wheel either in the 10&2 o'clock position or at 9&3 o'clock.  And of course any position between those two would be a safe place to keep your hands.  Accidents such as the example above happen in milliseconds and you need to be prepared in the event of an emergency by having both of your hands firmly on the steering wheel.

Remember, every second you are behind the wheel you never know when something unusual is going to happen and you owe it to yourself, the other passengers in your vehicle, and pedestrians as well as all the other drivers on the road to keep those hands on the wheel and get a grip on safe driving!


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