How To Diagnose Transmission Problems

Car transmission problems can be hard to fix. One needs patience and understanding to successfully diagnose and repair such car troubles. If you are not much of a car buff, this article may help you in determining if there really is something up with your car. Learning how to diagnose car troubles is a way to save money, be safe and be aware. Anyone who has a car should know its ins and outs. As some people say, "if you can't take care of it, then don't bother getting it."

  • First, take note of the car's transmission fluid. If you notice a sudden decrease in the transmission fluid, then more than likely, it's leaking. It's best to check for any visible leakage, and at the same time check the transmission case too. There are a lot of places the transmission fluid can leak through. If you find where the leak is coming from, you will be able to do the appropriate repairs.
  • Try to get a few drops of the fluid and apply it to a towel. Its color is a good indication as to what you should do to the transmission fluid. You are aiming for a reddish or brownish color. If it's too dark and viscous, you may need to replace the transmission fluid for your car to work properly again.
  • To ensure that you really don't leave anything out, you can try replacing the fluid filter. Check for any metal deposits, since this may be an indication that you need to completely change the transmission fluid.
  • If the engine light is on, something that needs to be looked at. Professional help may be required to fix your car. It pays to make sure that something is really wrong rather than going to a car mechanic to fix things right away. You don't want to waste money on something that may not be there at all. If you notice that it is a recurring problem, then it really is time to get your car checked.
  • Another good indication that your car has transmission fluid problems is if shifting gears becomes a challenge. Again, check for any visible leaks to make sure there really is something wrong. Usually, when a gear is hard to shif,t and it creates a loud cracking sound, then it might be an indication that something should be fixed.

If you are one of those people who really don't want to touch anything in their car for fear of breaking something (which in turn may cost you more money than intended), ask for a professional car mechanic's help as soon as possible. Remedy the damage before something worsens.

Transmission problems may lead to something serious. It is actually best that everything is in tip-top shape to avoid any accidents in the future. Road safety should always be part of a driver's habit.


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