How To Do Vehicle Inspection and Get Your Vehicle Certified

Gone are the days when vehicles were considered a luxury. They are a necessity in this day and age. Vehicle inspection is one of the key mechanisms in giving you the assurance that you have purchased a car worth the money you paid for. Vehicle inspection is as vital as house inspection. Many individuals consider their vehicle as their second home and its overall safety is not to be overlooked since buying one is a major investment. 

Vehicle inspection is a protocol strictly followed by many countries, both in their national and local governments. In vehicle inspection and certification, a vehicle must pass through a test to guarantee safety for the motorists and the environment. Vehicle emission testing is part of the inspection, and is observed by each state, region, or city. Depending on the government’s mandate, a vehicle inspection is done biannually or annually. A safety vehicle inspection together with emission testing is required when the vehicle’s ownership is transferred. 

In buying a vehicle, there is also a pre-purchase inspection before negotiating on the price. Whether you are buying a brand new car or a used car, an expert’s honest opinion is needed. There are private companies that offer vehicle inspection at a reasonable price and in accordance to the vehicle you want to purchase or had just recently purchased. All you need to do is grab your phone book and browse through the yellow pages and under Vehicle or Vehicle Inspection section, you can search for service provider who can help you ensure a good deal even before closing signing with a vehicle company. 

There are online resources for you to choose from. Below are some of the best inspection companies on the Internet that you need to consider before falling for car salesman:

  1. Carchex. The company performs a 155-point pre-purchase auto inspection almost anywhere in the USA. They are one of the most reliable in the automobile inspection industry. Their highly specific auto inspection report covers the status of chassis and coats, depressions, nicks, corrosion, tires and steering wheels, windshield, interior parts, misplaced and missing components, oil leakage, wirings, and terrain drive functionality.
  2. Automobile Inspections, LLC. Tested and proven nationwide, this company has a reputation as the industry provider for the most comprehensive vehicle condition reports. Automobile Inspections can do everything without dismantling your car into pieces. With customer satisfaction in mind, they provide free professional consultations. Their meticulous inspections report covers every aspect of your vehicle such as the body, coating, chrome, marks of collision impairment, outer and inner corrosion and others. They also test drive your car on the road in relation to the engine check-up and performance. With digital imagery, they scan the underside, test the instrumentation, steering wheels, tires and the interior aspects.
  3. National Auto Inspection Services. Planning to sell a used car? How about buying one? This is where NAIS comes to the rescue. NAIS inspection team performs a 150-plus point total used car inspection. With their services on the helm, you will have peace of mind before buying a used car. A final report of the inspection will be sent through email within 2-3 days.

Getting your vehicle certified is a requirement and it serves as a protection for vehicle owners to ensure that they are purchasing vehicles that are safe and roadworthy.


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