How To Drive a Bulldozer

Bulldozers are large, powerful tracked equipment. They have a good hold to the ground because of the tracks. The tracks also give the machine the ability to move on a very rough terrain. It doesn’t sink in a sandy or muddy ground because of its wide track that distributes the weight of the machine over a large area. The primary tools of a bulldozer are its bland and its ripper. The bulldozer is mostly used to level the ground. The bulldozer is a huge machine to operate and it would take you a lot of patience to learn how to drive and operate one. Here are a few steps on how you can drive a bulldozer:

  • Get a bulldozer. You can rent a bulldozer in many states if you have a driver’s license. You should practice driving a bulldozer in a really large empty lot to avoid big problems or accidents.
  • Be in your comfortable clothes. Do not wear clothes that can distract you from learning well. Wear your working jeans and shoes and a comfortable shirt.
  • Get on the bulldozer. Sit on the driver’s seat and relax yourself. It is just like learning how to drive a car. Do not start while you are still really nervous.
  • Start the machine. You can start the machine by turning the key in the ignition of the bulldozer.
  • Steer the bulldozer. To move to the direction that you wish to go, grasp the joystick which is located to your left and slowly push it to the direction you want to go to.
  • Decelerate the machine. Once you are in the area that you want to bulldoze, you can now decelerate the machine by pressing the deceleration pedal that is located next to the brake.
  • Control the blade. You can control the blade by using the joystick, which is located to your right. The blade is the heavy metal plate that can be found on the front of the tractor. This will shove the sand or the soil to make the land more even.
  • Level the ground. In order to level the ground, you must lower the blade first until it is on the ground’s surface. Move the bulldozer forward slowly by controlling the pedal and the steering joystick. As you are moving, the blade will be shaving the ground to make it even.

Always remember to not operate a bulldozer on a slope if you are a beginner and do your practicing on a lot that you can afford to tear up incorrectly, because doing this on a land that is really valuable to you will destroy it. It is not bad to seek a help of an expert in bulldozing. It is better that you ask for guidance in learning to drive the bulldozer than ruin a tract of land.
If you want to be an expert in bulldozing lands, you should practice often and have a lot of patience in learning to operate the machine. You can also enroll in schools for bulldozing. There are training schools that have been established to teach bulldozer users safe and practical operational skills.


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