How To Drive Safely at Night

Driving is not only you being responsible for yourself, but also to other drivers on the road and pedestrians on the street. If driving during the day presents different dangers, then there are more when you drive at night. Follow these steps for you to be able to drive safely at night:

  1. Do not drive when you are tired and sleepy. This just takes one’s common sense. If you are tired and sleepy, then do not force yourself to drive at night. If it happens though that you feel sleepy in the middle of driving, pull over to take a power nap, and stop somewhere to get yourself a cup of coffee to wake you up. Also turn your radio on to some upbeat, if possible, loud music, and roll down your windows. These little things will help keep you awake during your night drive.
  2. Know when to use your high beam. Your vision is restricted when driving at night, so especially if there aren’t any street lights on, make sure you put that high beam on. However, do bear in mind that you should switch to low beam when you’re within 500 feet of another vehicle, for you not to cause temporary blindness to other people.
  3. Drive slower than you would during daytime. Drive slower than the allotted speed limit. Also make sure to take curves slower, for you to be able to stop with ease when necessary.
  4. Avert your stare to oncoming headlights. Avoid blinding yourself when there is an oncoming car. Look at the road to your side and watch the lanes for you to properly steer the car. Make sure that you also move your eyes from side to side regularly to avoid ‘highway hypnosis.’ This happens when you just focus your eyes on the road and will impair your reaction time.
  5. Know your destination. Leave your driving for the day if you are not familiar to where you’re headed, to avoid getting lost. It would be very hard asking for directions from strangers, or especially if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with just stretches of land surrounding you.
  6. Ensure that you exercise proper and regular car maintenance. Make sure that you keep your car windows and windshield clean inside and out. Not only does dirt cloud your vision, but it also diffuses light. Also make sure that your headlights are clean and aligned, as it lessens the distance that you can detect especially at night when it’s dirty and misaligned.

Making sure to add these things to your driving habits will not only help ensure your safety, but of other people as well.


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